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Page 59 - Joe Delaney and His Scarecrows

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/1/1 (175 reads)

demolished; there was only one left. Well, it was sort of discouraging, after having worked that hard. And the people, it's unbelievable. Unbe? lievable the way that in 3 years--well, in 1986, it was somewheres around 18,000 that had come through the field. Visi? tors. They came from all over. All over Canada, almost every state of the U. S. A. And then you'd get them from about 12 to 20 other coun? tries. You know. England, France. Italy. You name it. Germany, Aus? tralia, New Zealand. They were coming from all over, visiting. And they just couldn't get over it. They couldn't get over it. To them it was out of this world. Those scare? crows. Imagine! I was finding that nuts. Crazy. And people thought I was an artist! "Mr. Delaney" here and "Mr. Delaney" there. And where did I learn my trade as an art? ist, you know, and all that! And I had quit school in Grade 8. Art! I didn't know any? thing and I still don't know anything about art and artists and all that.... But anyway. When this happened, I called it The 1986 Massacre--Le Massacre. When all these scarecrows had been demolished. They had been demolished on the eve of Ar? mistice Day, around the 9th or the 10th of November.... Everything was demolished-- all broken up. The arms, the heads, the legs, their clothing cut up and everything with knives. There was only one left. I baptized him "Rory--the Lone Survivor of the 1986 Massacre." And what did I do? I sat down like we're doing here today, and I wrote an article about the dirty job that had been done, and all that. But I couldn't use dirty words, you know--you've got to watch your language. But anyway, I started the massa? cre, and it was the same as if Rory had been doing the talking, not me. Rory was doing the talking. And Rory was telling the people, "It's too bad you weren't here. I wish you had been here to see the way my brothers and sisters have been de? molished. It was pure cruelty." You know, and all that. And it was only scarecrows, """'''Li'... '''>'- ?? " ' , eh? There was • ?miiiifii'''I'.'Mmm'gg''''i,t,,i,g,' .,,' j'o flesh iU" ??.'Z volved. "How 'B they suf? fered," and ' all that. "It . ??' was heart? breaking for me to see that." But he I was the guy that was do? ing the talking. And the story went on. He was saying, "I talked to Joe, to try to get him to put them up again." The scarecrows. "But the way Joe answered, I don't believe that he's going to do it. Maybe if he got a little help from the people. Seeing that he put everything he had into it. He's there with nothing now. Got to start all over again from scratch. Maybe if some of you people wanted to, we'd get together, you people and I, and we'd probably get Joe to put them up again." He was doing the talking. And my God, the telephone started. I put that out in the Oran. The Oran sold cop? ies. And then I had some put through the mimeographing machine.... Then the telephone calls started to come in. "Joe, put them up!" Received money. They sent money--$5, $10--cheques, $20. People sending old clothing. The overalls. TfCilixc Jttd. ' Computerized Wheel Balancing • Complete Road Service 539-5670 265 PRINCE ST. • SYDNEY IFGOOCfateh BRUNSWICK- 849-4505 16 Reserve St.-GLACE BAY V. J7. McQiCCivray J'uneraC!Home Ltd' FUNERAL DIRECTORS & EMBALMERS Established Since 1938 Complete Funeral Arrangements Including Pre-Arranged Funeral Services All Pre Paid Funeral Accounts Are Deposited "In Trust" in a Canadian Trust Company 862-6439 380 Smith St • NEW WATERFORD
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