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Page 61 - Joe Delaney and His Scarecrows

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/1/1 (245 reads)

ity, and we dress up like these scarecrows that are seen in the field, that I have there for 5 months in the sum? mertime. Well, local I people going ________' ' I by and hav- rllllll'BII iii''P''' -''S ' look ''WH m'Stlr ' at those scarecrows, I well, they I just say, "Oh well, I it's all I right, but i we do that in the win? tertime. You know, in the month of March. The mid-Lent festivities." But now let's come back to the outside world. Not quite the outside world. Begin? ning at the Northeast Margaree, Southwest Margaree, Inverness. West, you know. All the way down to California, Europe, Asia. And the people that come there--well, you've got to be there yourself to experi? ence yourself how it's appreciated by them. They leave their comments. We have-- one guy, he put his comment, "Dear Joe, I have travelled the world over. Have never seen anything like this." Others: "We have travelled 2000 miles just to come to see your scarecrows--to make sure we saw the scarecrows." Travelled 2000 miles! I wouldn't walk 10 miles, you know--10 steps! You know what I mean? It's unbe? lievable, the comments that you get there from the people. "Good boy, Joe. Keep it up." "We were here in 1984, '85, '86.... We saw you grow. Keep it up--put up more. Might see you next year." A schoolteacher from Spain--him and his wife, coming at the scarecrow with a movie camera. Wanting to get the story, the same as what I'm telling you today. Teachers from New Jersey. The same thing, with movie cameras. They're in the teaching profes? sion. Filming me and all the scarecrows and all that. Telling me, "That's going to help us with our program of studies, once we get back with our students." No wonder that ed? ucation is not going far today! In 1990 we had 119 buses. And we're not on the tourist agenda. (Joe, what made you do this?) The wife says I'm crazy. Number One. We were interviewed once by a reporter. He was asking me ques? tions the same as what you're doing. Once he got through with me--my wife, Bella, was alongside, sitting down. So he says, "And you, Mrs. Delaney, how do you find that?" Mean? ing to say, the work that Joe's doing. And Bella an? swered, "I was looking forward to the day when he would re? tire. At that time he was a school janitor. I was looking forward to the day when he would re? tire. But now, I see that he's both retired and retard? ed !" And the reporter says, "Am I going to put that on the paper like that?" I said, "Don't you leave out one word. Put it down exactly as she said it." END Home of Solid Birch Furniture Keltic Furniture Sofas Sofa Beds Coffee & End Tables World Rockers Reciiners Tables & Chairs All Your Home Furnishing Needs 1115 Kings Road, Sydney River, N.S. BIS 1C6 • 539-1715 Enormous Showroom at SYDNEY RIVER COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL G. Landry's Vacuum Service Ltd. i SEPTIC SYSTEMS CLEANED INSTALLED & REPAIRED BACKHOE BULLDOZER RENTAL PORTABLE TOILET R. - TAL & SEP Front Lake Rd. Sydney /564-8413 • ? /SERVING ALL OF CAPE BRETON '-
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