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Page 64 - Sydney's First Love Story

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/1/1 (189 reads)

were growing good crops of cabbage, tur? nips and beans, as well as wheat. Early in 1753, a young officer was sent to Espagnol to command the small outpost that the government maintained there. He was Chevalier Touissant-Marie de La Noue, in his third year of service at Louisbourg, of distinguished old-country lineage, son of the "High and Mighty Messire Touissant- Marie de La Noue, Chevalier, Seigneur of Bogand, La Ville Korne, Saint-Hermes, etc.. Councillor in the Parliament of Brittany." The scattered settlement along the harbour MacKenzie's Mirror Refinishing must have provided few diversions for a spirited young man, but La Noue was soon happy enough. Sometime during the summer he had found Marguerite, the daughter of Paul Guedry, and the two were deeply in love. Of course their case was hopeless from the start, and none should have known it better than La Noue himself. In the eighteenth century people of gentle birth did not subscribe to the belief that love should conquer all. In public opinion there was a great gulf fixed between the simple peasant girl and the young aristo? crat. In the eyes of the young man's fami? ly, associates and friends, marriage with Marguerite would be a wretched mesal? liance. La Noue, nonetheless, was in? tent on marriage. He made his plans and, shortly after Christmas, betook himself to Louis? bourg. He first of all sought the gov? ernor's permission to marry. Now the governor was no hard-hearted martinet; he was in truth a singularly affable and kindly man. But he knew of that proud family in France whose dynastic hopes were centered in the young man before him. He saw it his duty to save the youngster from certain ruin in an unfortunate marriage. He refused him permission to marry. La Noue was ready for this. He now pro? posed to resign his commission and re? tire to civil life. The governor would not permit him to do so. Having reached an impasse, the young man changed his y'e're really into parks and recreation Every year, more and more people in Nova Scotia are turning to our forests for sport and recreational enjoyment. Through multiple land-use planning activities and forestiy operations, a system of access roads and woodland pathways make it easy for Nova Scotians to experience our natural beauty first hand. From hiking, biking, and skiing trails, to hunting and fishing areas, our forest manage? ment practices promote a healthy environment and create a forest legacy for future generations to use and enjoy. STORA' .. FELDMUHLE Stora... creating a Nova Scotia forest legacy. Stora Forest Industries Ltd. P.O. Box 59, Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, Canada BOE 2V0 Tel. (902) 625-2460
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