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Page 66 - The Cabot Trail; A Political Story

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/1/1 (172 reads)

The Cabot Trail Political Story continued from inside Front Cover passable for even a horseback rider for several months due to snow condition. The next morning after interviewing many resi? dents and looking over the whole situation I found the following facts. About 30 fam? ilies, mostly fishermen, who farmed small patches of land to assist them in that way by growing their own vegetables, etc.; they had comfortable homes, a real commu? nity interest, their own school and a nice little church, and where the people were of above average intelligence. However I decided to walk over the dog trail to civilization. The distance from Pleasant Bay to Cap Rouge is approximately 18 miles and from Cap Rouge to Cheticamp 7 miles. It was a beautiful day and I did not hurry as I was making a personal survey: that is, I was trying to decide what the cost would be of building a reasonably good road over wild rocky mountains with rivers and gorges. Several times I sat down and contemplated the situation and for the moment would be quite discouraged but when I arose and looked at the beautiful mountainous scen? ery I would be buoyed up and the situation would appear different and quite feasible. A Gift You Can Keep Opening.*. The Nova Scotia Government Bookstore has hundreds of unusual and interesting titles in stock. Map Book...Following the Sea...Birds of Nova Scotia...The Mapmaker's Eye...Children's Books- Recipes...Maps and much more. We sell these and many more exciting and informative publications at the Nova Scotia Government Bookstore, located at 1700 Granville Street, Halifax. You can write to us at P.O. Box 637, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2T3 or call toll free in Nova Scotia at 1'424'7580. Government Bookstore When I arrived at the Half Way House, which was a shack in the woods built for the protection of people who ventured mountain climbing on foot in the Winter's snows, the shack had a stove and there was one window and a supply of dry hardwood and some kindling, a tallow candle and no doubt with a good fire the wayfarers would be quite comfortable. After eating my sandwiches I proceeded down the mountain. The day was warm but there was plenty of spring water so there was no need of thirst. I arrived at Cap Rouge about 8:30 being about 9 hours making the 18 miles. I made some notes as I went along the trail. When I got to Cap Rouge I could not get a team so had to continue walking on to Cheticamp another seven or eight miles. Although it was a rugged journey I really enjoyed it and in those days did not mind roughing it and even today when I get in a reminiscent frame of mind I enjoy going over again in memory the trip. When I got to Cheticamp I got my car and drove through to Baddeck and stayed at the Baddeck House. It was then run by the An? derson family who looked after their guests in good shape. I retired early ex? pecting to have a good nights sleep but really did not sleep at all. I got think? ing over my day's experience on that occa? sion and the former occasion when I visit? ed the north side of the trail--that is, Victoria County side--and the thought of developing the section right around the peninsula in both Victoria and Inverness kept coming continually before me. Some time near morning I fell asleep and dreamed about a wonderful development that The Markland a coastal resort Rel Lelax in our luxury log suites and dine on our gourmet food featuring local fish and lamb. JLhrill to the play of light and shadow as they dance over the northern seascape. For reservations in the Maritimes call 1-800-565-0000. Or ask the operator for your toll tree Check Inn number. Local phone (902) 383-2246 Cabot Trail, Dingwall, Nova Scotia, BOC IGO, Canada
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