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> Issue 62 > Page 68 - The Cabot Trail; A Political Story

Page 68 - The Cabot Trail; A Political Story

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/1/1 (209 reads)

ness and they agreed to my suggestion that the money from the Oxford Paper Company be as already stated capitalized and the re? sult used to make a start on the so-called Cabot Trail. I understood very well that the amount available would not even con? struct a trail over the distance involved but it would allow us to make a start and each year we would add another piece to the work underway and gradually we would reach our objective, with some trust in the future. In the Spring of 1925 we rented a steam shovel with an option to purchase, which we did at a later date. We shipped the shovel to Cap Rouge by scow and started working the latter part of May up the face of the French Mountain where we continud to work until we were stopped when a change of government occurred and the TAKE A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE. EXPLORE 'BjqW Eastern Counties liegional library 390 Murray Street, P.O. Bag 2500 Mulgrave, N.S. BOE 2G0 (902)747-2597 FAX (902)747-2500 Your Public Library has to explore the natural Bird Watching Animal & Marine Life Nature Tours & Hiking NOVA SCOTIA'S WILDEENESS [everything you ne'ed history of Nova Scotia: Wild Flowers & Herbs Rocks & Minerals Trees & Woodlands ... and much more! Rhodes-Harrington Government came into power. We had also started work on the section between Pleasant Bay and Cape North. After the election of the Rhodes-Harring? ton Government and before they were sworn into office, they repeatedly asked me to shut down that work as they were not in favour of the project. However, we carried on and did not stop the work until we went out of office. They immediately stopped the work when they were sworn into office and left the first steam shovel ever owned by the Province of Nova Scotia resting on the face of French Mountain for approxi? mately three years. I just want to point out here notwith? standing what has been said by our Conser? vative friends, the work on the so-called Cabot Trail was started by survey parties in 1924 and the actual work on the project was started in the Spring of 1925 by the Liberal Government and was completed in 1952 by the Liberal Government. This work was carried on under my direc? tion as Minister of Highways and it cer? tainly amuses me today to hear our Conser? vative friends say the Trail was con? structed and carried out by the Rhodes- Harrington Government. After letting the steam shovel that we se? cured remain idle for approximately three years until just before the 1928 election, when the Conservatives started in a half- • We're proud to be your Cape Breton Home Hardware dealers • McKinnon Home Hardware Building Centre Port Hawkesbury 625-0674 Alex McKinnon • MacRae Home Hardware North Sydney 794-4711 Shirley & Carl MacRae • Baddeck Home Hardware Baddeck 295-2170 Bill Turner Wilson's Home Hardware Sydney 562-6020 Ken Wilson • Robin Jones & Whitman Inc. Cheticamp 224-2022 Cyril Aucoin • Robin Jones & Whitman Inc. Inverness 258-2241 Angela MacDonald Ingonish Home Hardware & Building Supplies Ingonish Beach 285-2323 H. C. (Ted) Goodyear • Harbax Hardware Glace Bay 849-3109 Fred Whyte & Jamie Whyte • Louisdale Home Hardware Louisdale 345-2720 Joe Marchand EVERY HOME HARDWARE STORE IS OWNED BY YOUR NEIGHBOUR building centre IN CAPE BRETON "Our price is more competitive because we maice the product in our own factory. There is no middleman.' D C A IITI anr'' KI F Beauti-tone Paint & Stain are manufactured in Home Hardware's *"??' V' ?? ?? ?? V' I ' ' Q'i' "brand new" computerized paint factory. PAINT & STAIN By producing our own paint and stain, we can assure you of the best for the most competitive prices! We guarantee it! GUARANTEED #1 QUALITY Available from your Cape Breton Home Hardware Dealers ACRYLIC HOUSE PAINT Home Hardware stores are individually owned by someone in your home town!
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