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> Issue 62 > Page 77 - Fr. Charles Murphy and Hong Kong

Page 77 - Fr. Charles Murphy and Hong Kong

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/1/1 (233 reads)

them, and they'd see me, they'd ask me out to their homes, Christ? mas and New Year's and Easter, and any big feast day. I don't know why I was so popular. But everybody seemed to love me. Just as much as I loved them. So I was ordained in 1932. And they wouldn't send me to China then because of the war with Japan. They sent me down here to Antigonish to my own bishop. Bish? op Morrison. And he sent me over to Sydney Mines here. And I was here for about 4 years, with the people. And I loved it here. I love the people. And they love me. Fr. MacKinnon was an old Tartar. He said, "What do you expect to be?" I said. "What do you mean. Father, what do you expect to be?" "Oh," he said, "when you go to China, whoever is the head over there, the bishop or the head of the mis? sions." I said, "I only want to be a sim? ple priest. And," I said, "I want to be a good one." I said, "That's all I want." He was a great old fellow. But he held a whip over you all the time.... The Murphy family in Cape Breton. Front, left to right: Noreen MacAdam, P. 0. Murphy, Patricia Ryan, Mrs. P. C, Kay Murphy. Back: Cecil Murphy, Fr. Louis Murphy, Vernon Murphy, Fr. Charles Murphy. So finally word came that I was going to China. And I went to China and I loved it. We landed in Shanghai. We went over on the ship--it since has been sunk--one of the Canadian National lines. And in Shanghai I made more friends, and I was enthralled with the way the Chinese did things and how patient they were. And they were not fighters or anything like that. They seemed to get along so well with one SERVING INDUSTRIAL CAPE BRETON FOR OVER 30 YEARS 1' Senior Citizen Discounts 1' Furnace Leasing ik Discount for Cash CALL TODAY 564-8213 ALAN SULLIVAN another. (How were conditions there?) Very poor. Of course, we were wealthy. We came from Canada, and Cana? da was a land of plenty. So we treated them--we built churches there. Msgr. Fras? er was a great man. He had been in China--he was the first foreign missionary in China. Foreign, by that I mean, he was the first out? side Canadian; he wasn't a European. (There were Euro? pean priests there before.) Oh, yeah--the Dutch, and Italians. Hong Kong was run by the Italian bishop.... But then the war came clos? er to China and to Hong -''A '''' /' Celebrating 'l'/}/}//YI {25 Years of Savings ' r JUUILU V at our Sydney River> DEPARTMENT STORES N' LOCatiOn CAPE BRETON SHOPPING PLAZA - SYDNEY RIVER MAYFLOWER MALL - GRAND LAKE ROAD - SYDNEY PORT HAWKESBURY SHOPPING CENTRE Wooico will meet any local competitor's advertised prices* • OTHERS SAY IT... WOOLCO GUARANTEES IT! Just bring in any Competitor's current Ad. If our price on the identical item isn't already as low, or lower than their advertised price we will immediately meet their price! We exclude gimmick promotions (Scratch & Save), & entire Department, entire Store percentage off Promotions. We reserve the right to limit quantities. USE OUR CONVENIENT LAYAWAY PLAN
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