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> Issue 63 > Page 9 - "Is Your Father Dead Yet"? with Allan MacDougall of "Hughie & Allan"

Page 9 - "Is Your Father Dead Yet"? with Allan MacDougall of "Hughie & Allan"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/6/1 (1043 reads)

in my life, anyway. Got all het up because we came on his show with the overalls on. Gzowski said--called him by name--he said. "Those overalls and the shirts and the old hats--that's Hughie and Allan. They're known for that. And," he said, "people will know them from that. And they'll go a long way yet with'those overalls. If they came out here with a suit on, nobody'd know who they were. They wouldn't pay any attention to them." And he said--(later) I said to Hughie, "I wonder if it's true. It might be true, what he said"--Gzowski said. "If they came on this show with a good suit and shirt and tie and everything on. and used that accent, there are people who would be of? fended, because they thought they'd be making fun of them. But as they come out like this, this is them. This is Hughie and Allan, and they're telling the sto? ries, and they're not making fun of any? body. 'Cause you can make fun of them--you can laugh at them...." So, we thought of that. Then we tried to throw the accent in, see. Like the old fellows in Cape Breton, they had this slow drawl--Allan speaks slowly--when they were coming to town, and they were going to do some shopping, and all that sort of thing, see. And they singsong. This resulted. I understand, from the majority of them, the Scottish people, spoke Gaelic. And then when they switched to English, they took the--Gaelic is kind of a drawl, sort of thing, when they're speaking it. It's slow and. you know. So this is where the accent came from. And we were a little concerned about that. But we made up our minds. We really sat down and talked with Lloyd and everything. And Lloyd said. "Let's just make it all hu? mour. All stories. Something that they're going to laugh. Rather than look at you and The Shopping Centre for Victoria and Cape Breton Counties., say. 'Who are they making fun of?' or something." We had that worry right at the start. But--I'm not say? ing this boastful? ly-- (that first television show) went over with a bang. They were home here. And when I landed-- Hughie came down with me. When we came down from the television sta? tion. Bertha said, "The phone never stopped ringing. We missed over half of the show." And they took turns, her and the girls, answering the phone, so the others could be watching the box there. Everybody calling up, "Why didn't they do this long ago? We didn't know they could do this!" This went on and on and on. The re? action was...right off the bat. And it never changed from that. They knew that we were there just to tell humourous stories. We weren't making fun of anybody.... Lloyd announced GROCERIES * CLOTHING CARDS * LADIES FASHION ENTERTAINMENT * SOUVENIRS * GIFTS PHARMACY * HOUSEHOLD ITEMS * LIQUOR DEPARTMENT STORES * MUSIC Open MONDAY through SATURDAY 10 AM to 9:30 PM 116 King Street, North Sydney, NS • Phone (902) 794-4703,794-4704 _ UPPED ' (3LEMENT5 1993 Theme Weekends ??rom June through August will include: June 5 & 6 Green Weekend "Build a Bird Feeder" Contest A Froggy Frolic June 12 & 13 Sing for Your Supper Talent contest: Sync on Saturday, Sing on Sunday June 19 & 20 Fancy Feet Festival Dance groups, troupes and classes June 26 & 27 Storybook Weekend Visit by Mother Goose Julyl Canada's Birthday Party for Kids July 3 & 4 Twins, Triplets, Quadruplets Celebration Activities & games for multiple births July 10 & 11 Romance of the Valley Quilt fair, artists at work. Valley music July 17 & 18 Acadian Weekend Acadian music, dance, & crafts July 24 & 25 Old Wheels, New Wheels, & Hot Wheels New & antique autos July31,Aug. 1&2 Battle of the Bands Country band contests Aug. 7 & 8 Moo Time Down on the farm Free Admission: Pay as You Play 25 Acres of... Rides • Craft Shops • Eateries Attractions • Entertainment Connection to Wildlife Park 5 Minutes from historic Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia On Route 1, along the Evangeline Trail in the beautiful Annapolis Valley SPEND A DAY OUR WAY STAY OVER AND SEE MORE... • Historic Gardens • Fort Anne • Bird Watching • Hiking Trails SUMMER SEASON 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. May 22 - June 20: Open Weekends June 26 - September: Open Daily To end of September: Open Weekends FOR MORE INFORMATION: Phone 902-532-7557 1-800-565-PARK (Atlantic Canada) P O Box 99, Clementsport, NS BOS lEO
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