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Page 38 - Leo Aucoin, Acadian Traditional Singer

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/6/1 (358 reads)

Magazine.) That was a big time one time. But now there's nothing. (They don't go for the blessing?) Oh, yeah. But, I mean, we used to have a big party. It used to start in the afternoon, at one time. But me, I was too young to go. And then the war started. The war started in 1939, and then there was not (enough) people, to make the Chandeleur. They used to start making the Chandeleur a week before the Chandeleur-- before February the 2nd. They used to pass with the horses and every house somebody would furnish the flour, and molasses, and sugar, and salt, you know. Every house you passed. And then you had a place to make the Chandeleur. And then they were prepar? ing that (house) for February the 2nd. (They would take all these things to one place, somebody's home.) Yes, sir. They used to start on the dancing in the after? noon, and then they had supper. And then it was going all night, till the next day, I think, till 12 o'clock. Everybody wasn't there, but some of them were there. And then, if there was something left after Dis & Dat Variety Store in Belle Cote at the mouth of the beautiful Margaree River GROCERIES * ICE * FILM ICE CREAM * VIDEOS WORK CLOTHES * BOOTS * ETC. Hope you enjoy your visit! the Chandeleur, the man that had the house for the Chandeleur.... (It would belong to them.) Oh, yes. But me, I was too young (to go to Chande? leur) . Everybody that furnished for the supper, and the lunch in the evening, they were allowed to go there. But maybe, like, the old people, maybe at 12 o'clock they were going home. You know what I mean? They were tired--2 o'clock or 1 o'clock. Some of them, maybe, they didn't like to dance--the old people, after supper. They might dance a dance--a set--and then they were going home. You know, they were too old to stay there. (But some of the young people stayed....) Oh, till the next day, till 12 o'clock. And some of them, the old people, too--maybe they were 55 or 60--some of them would like a drink, and they liked singing. (For the Chandeleur, would there be any religous thing take place in the house, when they were partying? Would they stop for prayers or anything like that?) Oh, they stopped for prayers when they had supper--before they had the first bite, they had prayers. But I don't think they had prayers at 12 o'clock--I don't think so. Because everybody was feeling pretty good, you know what I mean. But the next morning they had to go--what do you call it?--they had to go to church, and then they put--ciiandeJles--underneath here (under your chin, against your • We're proud to be your Cape Breton Home Hardware dealers • McKinnon Home Hardware Building Centre Port Hawkesbury 625-0674 Alex McKinnon • MacRae Home Hardware North Sydney 794-4711 Shirley & Carl MacRae • Baddeck Home Hardware Baddeck 295-2170 Bill Turner Wilson's Home Hardware Sydney 562-6020 Ken Wilson • Robin Jones & Whitman Inc. Cheticamp 224-2022 Cyril Aucoin • Robin Jones & Whitman Inc. Inverness 258-2241 Angela MacDonald Ingonish Home Hardware & Building Supplies Ingonish Beach 285-2323 H. C. (Ted) Goodyear • Harbax Hardware Glace Bay 849-3109 Fred Whyte & Jamie Whyte • Louisdale Home Hardware Louisdale 345-2720 Joe Marchand EVERY HOIVIE HARDWARE STORE IS OWNED BY YOUR NEIGHBOUR building centre IN CAPE BRETON "Our price is more competitive because we make the product in our own factory. There is no middleman.' P'P A MT|_TQ M C Beauti-tone Paint & Stain are manufactured in Home Hardware's ' '-'''i' ?? ?? ?? vy I ' ' Q'' "brand new" computerized paint factory. PAINT & STAIN By producing our own paint and stain, we can assure you of the best for the most competitive prices! We guarantee it! GUARANTEED #1 QUALITY Available from your Cape Breton Home Hardware Dealers Home Hardware stores are individually owned by someone in your home town!
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