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Page 50 - Leo Aucoin, Acadian Traditional Singer

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/6/1 (182 reads)

for sure. We used to stay there till 3 o'clock in the morning.... (In New Waterford....) Oh, yeah, I forgot that. We used to go there. They had a French Club there, too. We went there a few times, but not very often. We used to take the bus. Yeah, we had a good time there. We used to go there, like, Mardi Gras. I think we went there at the Chandeleur, too. Noth? ing to eat, but just a big party. Oh, yeah, we used to go to a bus, and then we used to come back in a taxi. A bunch of us. Maybe sometimes we'd have to take two taxis. (Do you think singing is in the blood, the family?) Well, I say yes because all my family could sing.... Me, sometimes, if there's nobody home--I like to sing when there's nobody home. I'll sit on a chair, and I'll sing maybe for an hour. Not every day. Especially maybe once a week. (But you'll do that. You APPLE Auto Glass SERVICE DIRECTORY • Windshields - Mobile service at no extra charge • Windshield Repairs - Stone bruises etc. • Auto Upholstery • Convertible Tops • Vinyl Tops • Sun Roofs • Van Accessories • Rear Sliders • Running Boards • Mirrors • Plate Glass • Thermo Units 564-6141 14 Maple Street, Sydney don't mind being alone and sing? ing.) No. Well, I could sing when my wife is home. But I'd rather to sing when I'm all alone. When the kids were small, it was differ? ent. I used to-- like this--and I used to sing. (Put them on your leg and bounce them up and down in rhythm.) Yeah. But now, maybe I'm getting old, I'd rather to sing when I'm all alone. Oh, if you come (to my) home, and you want me to sing, it wouldn't bother me. When my wife is home, she doesn't mind if I sing. But me, right now, when I'm all alone home, I like to sing, when I'm all alone. That's the way I feel now. I suppose--a person changes. (When you go to sing, which songs come to you first to sing?) Well, maybe a love song or maybe a fast song or maybe a war song. You never know. It's here. (In your head.) Yeah. Maybe it'd be a love song, maybe a war song, maybe another song, like it'll go fast, you know what I mean. When I sing I tap my feet like my father. You know what I mean? It all depends on what's coming here. ("I always like to sing sitting down be? cause standing, you can't tap your feet!") There's so many that I know. And there's so many that I have in my book now, you know what I mean? The songs that we learned in the old gen? eration- -you know what I mean? Well, (some SIMEON'S II Family Restaurant 427 Grand Lake Road, Sydney 562-0251 We Feature: • Full Course Meals • Fresh Seafood • Steaks • Chops • Ethnic Dishes • Homemade Pies Baked Fresh Daily Come in! We would love to serve you! SIMEON'S Restaurant & Tiffany Dining Room FULLY LICENSED Plummer Ave., New Waterford 862-8090 • 862-8093 We feature the same great food as Simeon's II & we have large Banquet Facilities & Lounge Skye Motor Hotel' and Licensed Restaurant 48 Comfortable Units * Free Colour Pay-TV (902)625-1300 P.O.Box 190 PORT HASTINGS n.s.boe2T0 - Open All Year at the Canso Causeway ~ Since 1914 H. H. Marshall Limited Corporate Head Office Halifax, N. S. 3731 Macintosh Street 'wholesale distributors'! B3K5N5 'F PERIODICALS & BOOKS" J H. H. MARSHALL Founder and First President (1884-1923) H. H. MARSHALL LIMITED TAKE GREAT PRIDE IN OUR COMMUNITY AND THE MANY PEOPLE WE SERVE. IT HAS GIVEN US OUR VALUED HERITAGE AND WE LOOK FORWARD I TO AN EXCITING FUTURE. I BRANCH OFFICES CHARLOTTETOWN ST. JOHN'S SYDNEY H. H. Marshall LIMITED 103 York Street, Sydney (539-3220) DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOMED
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