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> Issue 63 > Page 61 - Visit with Will Pringle, Richmond County

Page 61 - Visit with Will Pringle, Richmond County

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/6/1 (243 reads)

*' __='''Yi'*'S'''I ??''''s '= • '"' T'I- • • t i'fiaf'ifJksCJ'''''''''''''''' 4ij' J'& 5S (It would piv? ot on the one axle.) Yes. It ??Ould take quite a bit to get it start? ed, but once it got up SO far, every? thing Spilled out, see. And on the way back--I had been to a dance the night before, I think, or somewhere, and I was kind of sleepy. So I forgot to hook the little hook at the front. And we were going along, and I was sitting near the back. And all of a sudden--CRASH! BANG!--I was out on the road. Struck the back of my head. The cart dumped. And I called to the mare, and she stopped, and I got (back) in. And this time I hooked it. Will's drawing of the log cabin where his father was born; and Will with his father, Donald "Dan" Pringle grant to--when they got older, he divided it up between his sons. I think it went from the western part, from MacKay's west? ern line down to around the church. The Points church, where the gallery is now. (Do you have any idea what your great? grandfather did in Scotland before he came here? What he was trained for in any way?) (You know pretty well when your people came here to Pringle's Mountain.) As far as I can make out by those letters there-- around about 1820 or 1821. (Do you have any idea how they landed at this spot? Why this place? Not 5 miles down the shore or 5 miles up the shore.) No. My father said that his (grand)father got 640 acres-- James Pringle. Pop's father's name was William. (James Pringle) got 640 acres, I think, for around $40. And he gave the ~ Our 23rd Year in Business ~ Canso Realties Ltd. Box 727 y' J' Port Hawkesbury, N. S. /' 'W'l BOE 2V0 1 iriX • Phone (902) 625-0302 • ?? ' ?? ' We carry 300 listings of property for sale in Cape Breton and Eastem Nova Scotia. JIM MARCHAND • BROKER We're really into parks and recreation. Every year, more and more people in Nova Scotia are tuming to our forests for sport and recreational enjoyment. Through multiple land-use planning activities and forestry operations, a system of access roads and woodland pathways make it easy for Nova Scotians to experience our natural beauty first hand. From hiking, biking, and skiing trails, to hunting and fishing areas, our forest manage? ment practices promote a healthy environment and create a forest legacy for future generations to use and enjoy. SIORA' .. FELDMUHLE Stora... creating a Nova Scotia forest legacy. Stora Forest Industries Ltd. P.O. Box 59, Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, Canada BOE 2V0 Tel. (902) 625-2460
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