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Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/6/1 (177 reads)

'Breton Books publishes volumes that are of intense local interest but which read well anywhere." • Lindsay Brown, Halifax Daily News ECHOES FROM LABOR'S WARS ECHOES FROM LABOR'S WARS THE EXPANDED EDITION '' Industrial Cape Breton in the 1920s' Echoes of World War One Autobiography & Other Writings Introduction by DAVID FRANK & DON MacGILUVRAY "In our world of hunger and job loss, and the fresh rattling of swords. Dawn Fraser's words are stiU strong and to the point." 144 pages • $9.95 • "This book Is a compelling testament to courage, peace and community." ORDER FORM BOOKS PRICE OTY, Watchman Against the World ... $12.95 The Moonlight Skater $ 7.95 EchoM from Lalwr's War? $ 9.95 Archie Neil $14.95 • _ Cape Breton Captain $12.95 Cape Breton Boole of the Night.. $12.95 Highland Settler. $12.95 Castaway on Cape Breton $ 9.95 The Cape Breton Giant $ 6.95 Down North $19.95 Cape Breton Lives $19.95 SUBSCRIPTIONS to Cape Breton's MAGAZINE T-SHIRT: "After the Storm" TOTAL: (Books & Magazines & T-Shirts) TOTAL: (Tapes & CDs) From ORDER FORM (2) (box on right) SUB-TOTAL: POSTAGE (except for subscriptions) IN CANADA: PiMte add $2.50 postage for first 3 items, tlwn add $1.00 for every 2 additionai items OUTSIDE CANADA: Please add $2.00 for each item TOTAL: $500 Hadassah-Wizo Bursary Honours the Work ofRoncdd Caplan Hadassah-Wizo is celebrating their 75th anniversary in Canada. To honour that achievement, they have given bursaries to stu? dents at eight universities across Canada. On May 15, 1993, at the commencement exercises at University College of Cape Bre? ton, Hadassah-Wizo gave a $500 bursary to Stacey Lynn Clarke, graduating in the Bachelor of Arts Community Studies program at U.C.C.B. Called The Ronald Caplan Bursary, the award will help further her education in journalism and mass communication studies. The award was given to honour the work of Ronald Caplan, Editor of Cape Breton's Magazine. Our thanks to Hadassah-Wizo for this honour, and our congrat? ulations to them, and to Ms. Stacey Clarke. Cape Breton's MAGAZINE WRECK COVE < NOVA SCOTIA Edited & Published by Ronald Caplan with the help of Bonnie Thompson Belle Maclntyre • Paul Cranford JUNE 1993 ORDER FORIVI to send for any of our Breton Books ? The text of Cape Breton's IVIagazine is printed on paper man? ufactured in Cape Breton by Stora Forest Industries, and in? cludes recycled content. Note about Issue 62: Our thanks to McGill-Queen's University Press for permission to excerpt pages 102-104 and 170-171 of Away: Mari? timers in Massachusetts, Ontario, and Alberta by Gary Burrill, in our January 1993 issue. ORDER FORM TAPES & CDs PRICE QTY. Winston Scotty Fitzgerald: Classic Cuts Compact Disc.. .$19.95 Cassette Tape ..$11.95 Mike MacDougall's Tape for Fr. Hector $10.00 Cape Breton Fiddlers on Early LPs $10.00 Winston Scotty Fitzgerald: House Parties 4 788 $11.00 (2) SUB-TOTAL: NOVA SCOTIA RESIDENTS: Please Add 10% Saiee Tax on Tapes and CDs Order by PHONE (902) 539-5140 or by FAX (902) 539-9117 or MAIL Cheque or Money Order or VISA/MC number, expiry & your signature to: Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Breton Books d'' Music Wreck Cove, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia BOC IHO ARCHIE NEIL by Mary Anne Ducharme A beautifully written coOabora- tion that will keep alive forever the hfe and stories of Archie Neil Chishohn. Saddled with polio, pride, and a lack of dis? cipline • Archie Neil Uved out the contradictory life of a ter? rific teacher floundering in alcohohsm. His growth, plunge, and rise as an extraordinarily valua? ble person in the Cape Breton community is good, lasting reading. From outrageous good humour to excellent storytell? ing, this book is a remarkable achievement for writer Mary Anne Ducharme, as the life it? self, at once graceful and gen? erous, is a remarkable achieve? ment for Archie Neil. "A triumph of a life!" Biography • Oral History • Anthology 40 photos • 248 pages • $14.95 Now in its 21st Year, Cape Breton's Magazine is the Local Magazine for the Whole Wide World
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