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> Issue 63 > Page 87 - "Is Your Father Dead Yet"? with Allan MacDougall of "Hughie & Allan"

Page 87 - "Is Your Father Dead Yet"? with Allan MacDougall of "Hughie & Allan"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/6/1 (160 reads)

job?" I said, "Yeah, I'd rather do some? thing than go back driving buses." So I went down to see him and he hired me. So I worked for Coca-Cola until I went in the Army in '40. The money was terrific be? cause, compared to what I was getting, he paid you $12 a week salary, and 40 a case. And the Navy started to move in here, this just before the war. They knew it was com? ing, I guess, because they were lined up, there'd be 4 or 5 destroyers or corvettes lined one next to the other out in the harbour. And go down there and you'd put a whole truck load on them because the fel? lows on the first one'd pass it to the next guy, and the next one they'd relay them out to the last one, and then they all buy 10, 15, 20 cases each. And you'd put a whole truck load there and you got your 4C a case. And you'd do that before you went out on your run. You made two days' pay before you went out on your run. I did that until I had a letter requesting my presence at Number Six Depot in Halifax, the Army.... I was about the last guy a- round. I was older than some of the boys when they went because they got them early. I don't know why I didn't get mine. I was a- bout 26 or 27 when I went in the Army. 1940. I was sent to New Glasgow for basic train? ing. Did my two months basic training and then they kept me on doing something, I forget, driving something. And then I went to Camp Borden for advanced training. I got finished with that and I got called in, one day, to the O.C. and he said, "I see by your papers you're a bus dispatcher for a bus company." I said, "Yeah, that's quite awhile ago." And he said, "Did you teach anybody to drive?" I said, "I used to have to go with the new fellows coming." "Okay," he said, "you can be a driving instructor for us." And my first job was, I think it was 25 or 28 French fellows from Quebec. And I saw them and I watched them because everything I tried to tell them they'd just !'se Cottage GALLERY FOLK ARTS FINE CRAFTS Water St., BADDECK, N.S. BOE 1 BO Tel. (902) 295-3211 or 295-3405 C June-October 10:00 AM - 8:00 PNT) Hours may vary in June, September & October. If closed, call for appointment. With Allan & Bertha MacDougall: Allan Jr., Joyce, Shirley, & Nancy shrug, "No compr'." They didn't want to learn, see? They were all "zombies," as we'd call them. They didn't join the active service, they were just corralled and dragged in. And they didn't want to do any? thing. They figured if they didn't learn anything they'd be sent home or something. I lasted about 3 weeks. I went over to the Sergeant Major and he happened to be a fel? low from Cape Breton, from Sydney Mines--I said, "I've got a problem." "Haven't we MacAskiirs Funeral Home''" C. D. Dunlop & Sons Personalized service for over 80 years We encourage inquiries about prearranged funeral service Our office Is located in Telegraph House & Motel Chebucto St., Baddeck On the Bras d'Or Lakes "It Blue Heron Gift Shop 295-9988 ' Books • Glassware • Figurines • Woodemvare • Crystal Gifts, for AH Occasions BADDECK, N. S. 295-3424 WOOD WORKERS INC. ::::r::io / / / = n SPECIALISTS IN COMPLETE CUSTOM SIZE WINDOWS VINYL OR WOOD REPLACEMENT OR NEW CONSTRUCTION ALSO: DOORS (STEEL & PATIO) VINYL SIDING SOFFIT & FASCIA SHUHERS, MOULDINGS GLASS & MIRROR KITCHEN CABINETS CDCC CCTIMATCC Dealer for Cover-It Instant Garages ON CABOT TRAIL, WEST OF BADDECK Exit 7 (Cabotland) • 3.5 km. off T.CH. HOURS: 7:30 - 5:00 MONDAY-FRIDAY 295-2549 FAX 295-2952 Evenings & Saturday Appointments Available
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