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> Issue 63 > Page 91 - "Is Your Father Dead Yet"? with Allan MacDougall of "Hughie & Allan"

Page 91 - "Is Your Father Dead Yet"? with Allan MacDougall of "Hughie & Allan"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/6/1 (153 reads)

line-up of the drivers, and make sure there were drivers on, and when to come out and all that sort of thing. And he'd come in with this parcel, say, "Allan, how about slipping this on the Acadian for me," he said, "and the Acadian driver'11 drop it off. She'll be waiting for it." He'd have it all arranged. He'd give me the 50C or whatever it'd cost to do it. He knew I'd make sure that the driver took it, you know. And we got to be pretty friendly. That went on for some time. And in 1951 Ernie came in one day. He said, "How much money are you making here?" I said, "About $18 a week now, I think." He said, "Do you want to make $20 a week," he said, "sala? ry, and 5% commission? We don't normally pay salary in the car business; it's most? ly all commission. But," he said, "you're getting a salary now, so...." He said, "I'll give you that for a year. And," he said, "if you make more than that, commis? sion-wise, you'll get it. But if you make less," he said, "I'll write it off. And," he said, "you'll have a new car, and you know a lot of people. I don't see any rea? son why you can't make some money." So, I was just in the middle of talking the girl there (Bertha) into getting mar? ried. I was going with her at that time. In fact, I was driving a bus. One day I took a bus myself and I was coming over from Sydney Mines. And they were getting on, going to the Business College--all the girls and fellows that came over here to Business College. I was looking down at the door, watching them dropping the tok? ens in the cash box. And she got on the bus. I looked, and I looked back again. I kept looking every day she came on, after that. The next thing, shortly after that, I went to a dance down at the old Lyceum one night. Here she was. We danced, and that was it. It started from there.... Oh, it was a lot of hard work. You were driv? ing all the time. (Would you drive through Overlooking the Margaree Valley at the Junction of Route 19 and the Cabot Trail A full-accommodation Lodge featuring: DINING ROOM LOUNGE SWIMMING POOL SPACIOUS ROOMS Take advantage of nearby recreation: BEACHES GOLF FAIRWAYS CAMPING FRESH AND SALT WATER FISHING HIKING The best of Nova Scotian musicians entertain in our lounge every weekend. Check with us to see who is playing, and drop in for an enjoyable evening. P. O. Box 550 MARGAREE FORKS Nova Scotia BOE 2A0 Phone (902) 248-2193, William F. Maclsaac, Manager RELAX m THE BEAUTIFUL MARGAREE VALLEY the wintertime?) Oh, no, no. You'd go till the roads got too bad. Then you'd have a lit? tle consultation some morning when there was a storm. And they'd call you aside and, "What do you think?" "Well, it's getting pret? ty tough. We're going to slide off the road one of these days." You know, coming down Middle Cape Hill, and those places. (Really windy.) Oh, just good luck, you know, more than good management, that you stayed on the road. Well, the spring, you were told what to do in the spring. Because the Department of Highways told you when you could go on the road. When they'd say the road was open enough to put the bus on. 'Cause these were dirt roads I'm talking about. There's no pavement. And when they'd get the graders out and level them off a bit, you weren't going down to the axles in mud. It was interest? ing . You met a tremendous pile of people. I had a dandy lit? tle deal going where I was pick? ing up a lot of-- not a lot, but a nice little chunk of--my extra buck. There was-- I'm not going to mention names-- but it was sort of a small hotel in Baddeck. I took a lot of parcels THE BEST IN LOCAL. REGIONAL- NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL ENTERTAINMENT • July 16: The Barra MacNeils • July 17: Duncan Wells Kids' Show Beer Garden (Fire Hall) & Street Dane • July 19: Banna Afrique July 20: South Haven Weavers' Gull Fashion Show & Ceilidh • July 21: Classical Night: Ludmila Knezcova Hussey - piano & NS Symphony Trio (at Arkandor) Comedy: Lome Elliot (at BRHS) • July 22: Theresa Doyle & JoAnn Rol s| (Inverary Inn Cafe Series) July 23: SAPPY performance (7 PM) • July 24: Blind Illusion (teen dance) • July 26: Buddy MacDonald & Natalie MacMaster and friends • July 27: "Beulah Claxton • Broadway Bound" • July 28: St. Ann's Bay Players > July 29: Rose Vaughan Kids' Show Rose Vaughan Trio and Jarvis & Louis Benoit (Inverary Inn Cafe Series • July 30-31: St. Ann's Bay Players • August2-7: "Let's Dance" Theme Week (workshops, performances, gala • August 5: The Right Stuff - Big Band (Inverary Inn Cafe Series) • August 10: Anderson & Brown • August 11-12: Cape Breton Summertime Revue • August 12: Late Nite Jazz (Inverary Inn Cafe Series) • August 13: The Alexander Brothers • August 14: "Bump Flingo" (7 PM) • August 17: Terry Kelly (in concert) • August 18: Salsa Piquante • August 19: Laura Smith & Tom O'Keefe (Inverary Inn Cafe Series) • August20: Scumalash • August 21: Men of the Deeps • ALL SHOWS 8 P.M. 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