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Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/8/1 (545 reads)

Cape Breton's Magazine, ISSUE 64:
• Annie Battiste: a Mi'kmaq Family History • Capt. Walter Boudreau's Story: Louisbourg Rescue, 1943, and The Sinking of the Angelus • Percy Peters: The Horse in the Well • More about Christy MacKinnon's Silent Observer • From Ellison Robertson's New Book: In Love with Then • Dr. A. W. Miller: Notes from a Medical Practice Down North, 1906 • Work Poetry of John J. "Slim" Maclnnis • L'eau qui rajeunit / The Fountain of Youth: Told in Acadiain French by Marcellin Hache, as collected by Pere Anselme Chiasson and then retold in English by Rosie Aucoin • A Visit with Ray "Mac" MacDonald: In Honour of the 50th Year of CJFX Radio
Cape Breton's Magazine
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