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> Issue 64 > Page 11 - Capt. Walter Boudreau's Story: Louisbourg Rescue, 1943, & The Sinking of the Angelus

Page 11 - Capt. Walter Boudreau's Story: Louisbourg Rescue, 1943, & The Sinking of the Angelus

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/8/1 (238 reads)

Captain Jensen was at the stern of the lifeboat...his little dog was always sit? ting in his lap. And he was steering away, been steering all day. And you could see him dropping off to sleep sometimes. Mean? while I got some very bad cramps and I was all doubled up. And I remember one of the Newfoundland kids, they were boys, told Captain Jensen that he would relieve him and to try and lie down and get a little rest, and I did the same thing, steering the boat. And, anyway, we did that. Sometime during the night, I'm not sure when, pitch black--and now we're in a storm. Great big waves, roaring and frightening hell out of you, and breaking. And all of a sudden, I remember here, seas are coming this way and we're going along with this. All of a sudden: up, up, up, over! (Head over heel?) Yeah. Not rolled over that way. (Not rolling to the side.) Big, big wave comes up under it and here she goes. Lifts the stern. She coasts down (the wave), digs her bow in the water, and over she goes. All men all over the place. Cold water--icy. The kind of water you die in, you know, in a few minutes. When the boat was there upside down, we're all in the water, everybody's swimming back to clammer up on the boat or hold onto it. We were all hollering roll call. Who's here and who isn't. Captain Jensen didn't show up, or his dog. He was missing. We knew we wouldn't live long in that water--and we all got around on one side--and I still am amazed that we were able to do it--the boat capsized either four or five times within a couple of hours --and each time we were able to-- either the seas rolled her over or, on one or two occasions, we had actually got down and helped her over, you know? And then we'd sit on the bottom. The boat's upside down sometimes. And cer? tainly it's still being washed over by waves: we were in the water half the time. And this is when the hypothermia started to come in. And I can't remember at all except that, during that night, one after another of those guys just (drifted away). Fall asleep, and that's how hypothermia works. Just fell asleep and fell over. The final one is--when the boat was righted there were sev? eral men still alive in the boat, and she didn't turn over anymore.... On the Bras d'Or Lakes -' Blue Heron Gift Shop n'' Books • Glassware • Figurines • Woodenware Vy Crystal • Cassette Tapes • CD's fO Gifts for All Occasions -*-*- BADDECK, N. S. 295-3424 One Stop Shopping! ~at~ Baddeck Village Comer Store 295-2968 ACROSS FROM THE N S LIQUOR COMMISSION • MOVIES • SANDWICHES • SUBS • COFFEE • BAKERY • OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK • 7 AM to 11 PM "HIGH WHEELER Cafe * Deli Bakery 2QS-3006 " ~ Q Daily Specials * Excellent Eating) ENJOY THE DECK IN THE HEART OF BADDECK! MacAskiirs Funeral Home Ltd. C. D. Dunlop & Sons Personalized service for over 80 years We encourage inquiries about prearranged funeral service Our office is located in Telegraph House & Motel Chebucto St., Baddeck 295-9988 = / / / = Eaasaa Dealer for Cover-It Instant Garages ON CABOT TRAIL, WEST OF BADDECK Exit 7 (Cabotland) • 3.5 km. off T.CH. HOURS: 7;30 - 5:00 MONDAY-FRIDAY COMPLETE CUSTOM SIZE WINDOWS VINYL OR WOOD REPLACEMENT OR NEW CONSTRUCTION ALSO: DOORS (STEELS PATIO) VINYL SIDING SOFFIT & FASCIA SHUHERS, MOULDINGS GLASS & MIRROR KITCHEN CABINETS FREE ESTIMATES 295-2549 FAX 295-2952 Evenings & Saturday Appointments Available
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