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> Issue 14 > Page 11 - Evidence of Early Man on Cape Breton: Incomplete History of Cape Breton Indians

Page 11 - Evidence of Early Man on Cape Breton: Incomplete History of Cape Breton Indians

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1976/8/1 (606 reads)

ture lingered in Nova Scotia for another thousand years. Ihe Shield Archaic This culture had been first discovered far north in the Canadian Shield. For many years this culture was not mentioned in books, perhaps because instead of a standard type of points, it had many and uncertain ones. In Ottawa it was decided that the more interesting finds frora Lit? tle Narrows was of this culture. At the same time I had noticed that the larger tools from this site were similar to "Beothuk" tools found in Newfoundland. Could this be the people driven away by the Micmacs? At this time, about 400 B.C., a number of strangers landed in South? west Nova Scotia, and this band seems to have corae frora New England. Some ate clams and others only oysters. Ihe Shield Ar? chaics did not eat either. The other bands made Owascoid pottery, suggesting contact with the Iroquois. The Shield Archaics had no pottery. On the face of a sandy low cliff by the beach was a strip of black. We dug it, and found that it was the grave of a woman. Nothing remained except two teeth. The molar was flat on top, which showed that she had not been eating clams, as the sand in clams scoops out the mo? lars. The incisor had been worn down to the base. This is usual among Eskimo wo? men who must chew the fat out of skins. It seemed possible that all these newcom? ers had been in contact with the Iroquois and had preferred to be farther away from them. Some had even started an industry- of smoked clams, a practise among tribes in Maine, One last campsite of the Shield Isle Royale Beverages Linnited Your authorized COCA-COLA botfler 564-8130 562-4439 24S Welton St. Sydn?y, N. S. At Our New Location Better Health Centre 364 Charlotte Street, Sydney Offers a Large' Range of Health, Vegetarian, Special Diet & Diabetic Foods and Vitamins C.O.D.Orders Accepted/Bulk Rates OPEN MON-FRI PHONE:562-1237 Health is Happiness ]'c "Tires Our Specialty" MARINE FACILITY DESIGN CONSULTANTS St. Mary's Parish Marine Facili larine & Spor :k, N.S. icKay Shipyar Yacht & Small Craft MARINE PUBLICATIONS Author/illustrator of Canada's • comprenhensive cruising guide- "CRUISE CAPE BRETON" YACHT CHARTERS SYL'S ffssd) SERVICE located Two Miles West of Baddeck on the Trans-Canada Highway 24-Hour Towing Service *2 Wreckers. • Call Anytime 295-2911 or 295-9970 Warmth, Comfort and Farm-fashioned Hospitality await you at the INVERARY INN, Baddeck, Nova Scotia Our Dining Room is famed for its Scottish Fare. Isobel and Dan MacAulay. Innkeepers The Inn Can old farmhouse', the Bam and pine-paneled Cottages are located on the outskirts of Baddeck, just off the Trans-Canada Highway. A Berkshire Traveller Country Inn For Reservations Phone 902-295-2674 Inn.
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