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Page 14 - How to Make Snowshoes

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1973/1/1 (6352 reads)

Scheme for filling the Toe Fill the Toe. Note the dots on the drawing in? dicating the knots on the Stay, and thus where each loop falls. And note the different ways the loops turn over the Stay. Start by splicing rawhide or tying lobster twine on to a piece of the Stay at 1. Go to 2, over then under Stay, over itself to 3, loop over Stay, under the o- ver itself, under 1-2 and over the Stay at 4. Run 4-5, make the loop (compare it to 2), over itself and over 1-2, under 3-4 to 6. 6-7 is your first weave over 3-4, under 2-3, loop Stay and over itself, 2-3, 5-6, under 1-2, 4-5 and around the Stay at 8, Then you weave 8-9 over itself and 4-5, under 3-4, over 1-2 and Stay at 9, around Stay and over itself, 3-4, 7-8, and under 5-6, 2-3, to 10. Run 10-11. 11-12 goes over itself, 10-11, 2-3, 5-6, and under 9-10, 1-2, 4-5 to loop at 12. Run 12-13. 13-14 goes over 4-5, 1-2, 9-10, and under 11-12, 7-8, 3-4. Then weave 14-15 over itself and over 3-4, under 5-6, over 7-8, under 2-3, o- ver 11-12, to loop at 15. From there on you maintain the pattern, following the numbers 8 until you tie on at 49. Cut a button hole in the end of the Mainstay (as you did to splice on rawhide), loop it oyer the Bow about 2" back from the Toe Beam, feed the end through the slot and pull it tight. Run It across to tne other Bow and make what Malcolm calls a double hitch. See the drawing. Bring it back to where you started and make another double hitch. You'll have perhaps 6" extra Mainstay. Cut a slot in the end. Cut a slot in the end of an 8' lace of 1/4" rawhide. Put the 1/4" through the Mainstay, then feed its other end through its own slot • and it'll be spliced on. Feed free end through the needle and fill the Center. 2' 28 3t '*o 4fe.H' 43 38 30aa.Hlfe TOE STAY AND -roe STAt Go from 1 over the center of the Heel Beam and the Heel Stay (2), pulling the Heel Stay tight against the Heel Beam, go tinder the Heel Beam.and three times around it? self, and on to 3 and another double hitch. Keep everything just snug but not tight. 3-4 goes under 1-2, over the bow into a doublfe hitch. And 4-5 is run exactly as 1-2. '' 5-6 goes over 1-2, under 3-4 and Mainstay over Toe Beam, back under Toe Beam, one 'O turn around itself, over Mainstay, under itself, . ,r • . C over 3-4, under 2-3, and a double hitch at 7. You have made your first weave in the Center. And from now on, every time you come off the Toe Beam and go to the Bow you will be weaving as 6-7. And when you go from Bow to Toe Beam you will be weaving, as 8-9. First, run 7-8. You have already established a pattern for running across Bow to Bow: You will go over 2-3 and 5-6, under 1-2 and 4-5, and double hitch at 8. Then 8 will go to Toe Beam 9, and weave its way there. And that's how you fill the Center. 31-32 makes eight strands across. At this point there are also eight strands of each diagonal. As 31-32 comes across you make your first weave in the middle • just one weave, 31-32 goes over all strands till it goes under 25-26, over 21- 22, under 17-18, and it stays under to Bow and double hitch. From now on, when you come across. It will be obvious where three strands cross • and there you weave. Remember what a proper weave looks like, and that you never weave more than one strand at a time. 44-55 does not go over Toe Beam. Simply take It over the Mainstay and draw Mainstay back to torm Toe Space. If you need bigger Toe Space, you could also have taken 38 and 41 over only the Mainstay. Cape Breton's Magazine/l4
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