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Page 32 - Johnny Wilmot, Fiddler "Another Side of Cape Breton"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/1/1 (407 reads)

from Johnny Wilmot The Queen of May yiKfigULiL'i'Jjjji'it'JU'Tik'iriri iiini'i m ' T f p m * J n I II I I* r i*'ii??i*rrrri?? J J J J "' ??' 1 rriJ Lijj ' ' J 11 r r I r Lr Lrir i LJj----rirr "Originally learned from a Michael Cole? man 78 rpm record, Johnny played this tune differently eve? ry time I heard him play it • sometimes cutting, some? times rollling; sometimes sin? gle, sometimes double; some? times with _ chords, other times with drones. This setting gives the 'bones' of the melody." • Paul Cranford variation below <' -P-| ''-' • ' 0 m mmm, 4r f-! • - • ?? w- ' -i'ri-r - i)~' 1 1 1 n (Somebody said to you, "How come you didn't marry Johnny Wilmot?") Yes. I think that was Paul MacDonald said that to me. I said, "He didn't ask me!" Laughs. And he didn't, you know. That was the funniest thing. We had this relationship, and we went out playing, and we came home, and all of that. And there was never anything like that be? tween us whatsoever. We were just the best of friends, and we enjoyed the music. And I enjoyed him, and I guess he enjoyed me-- well, my piano-playing, anyway. (Never a suggestion that the two of you could be a partnership?) No. None what? soever. (And you were out long hours.) All hours of the night. And here and there and all over creation, playing the fiddle. He never drank. That's what I always said about Johnny Wilmot. He was a gentleman when he left home and he was a gentleman when he brought you back. He never drank. He was the only violin player that I could truthfully say that you could go out with, and play for the evening, and enjoy his company, and come home. You never had to worry that he was going to get drunk, or that you may not have a way of getting home, or that he wouldn't see that you got home or anything. No. No, he was a differ? ent person, really. For an interview with Johnny Wilmot, and several more tunes transcribed from Johnny's playing, see "Johnny Wilmot: Talk and Tunes," Issue 40 of Cape Breton's Magazine. Our thanks to Paul Cranford for his help in the preparation of this article, and of the cassette tape and CD, "Another Side of Cape Breton." "Another Side of Cape Breton" is now available in stores on cassette tape or compact disc. l/largaret MacPhee and Mildred Leadbeater are the wonderful piano accompanists on "Another Side." And on about half the cuts Johnny is joined by Tommy Basker (harmonica), Chris Langan (penny whistle), Bill Legere (upright bass), and Bill MacDonald (guitar) • an early Cape Bre? ton ceilidh-band sound. On the three rare 78 rpm cuts, John An? gus Kennedy of Inverness plays guitar. CATERING TO ALL YOUR HEALTH FOOD NEEDS • Herbal Remedies & Teas • Vegetarian Foods • Free Range Chickens & Eggs • Nut Butters • Dairy Free Ice Cream & Cheese • Tofu • Body Care Products • Juices & Grinders • De-Alcoholized Wines & Beer • Bulk Foods
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