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Page 36 - 4 Stories from the New Book by Helen Creighton

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/1/1 (266 reads)

were to be married on a certain night in the week. When he went a-gunning he hunted around that house mostly, and finally saw her looking out the window. He knew his brothers' circumstances and also hers, so he was displaying this very valuable ring and he was dressed as a tramp very rough. She thought, "Why should that old tramp have such a valuable ring?" She thought, "He's a beggar and looking for something to eat, and why would he have on such a valuable ring?" She went to the door and asked if she could help him to anything, and wanted to know where he got that valuable ring, and him dressed as he was. He told her it was his and he came honesdy by it, so she says, "Would you sell the ring?" Feel the Difiference At the YMCA this Winter Winter's a great time to feel the difference at the YMCA. There's a special feeling inside diat sets us apart from odier organizations with similar pro? grams and services. Maybe it's the "family feeling" you'll find in the Y, where there are programs for everyone of every age and ability • or die caring staff. Maybe it's our own special brand of healdi and fitness programs diat work to shape die whole person: mind, body and spirit • or die youdi sports programs where everyone plays and everyone's a star. The fact is, diat no matter what it is that makes us different, you'll feel comfortable in die YMCA. Come inside and feel it for yourself. For Further Information, Call the YMCA 539-7880 399 Charlotte Street • Sydney He says yes, so she says, "What would you ask for the ring?" "Oh," he says, "money can't buy that ring. There's only one thing can get it." She says, "Can I buy it?" He says, "Yes, you can." "Well, what is it? If there's anything I can do I will if it's reasonable and right." He says, "If you will let me kiss the back of your hand I will give you the ring." She thought it was a terrible thing to let that old tramp kiss her hand, but she held it out very shy and he kissed it. He took off the ring and gave it to her and went away back home, and the next day he went a-gunning again, and he went over the same grounds and he saw the same lady, but he had the second best ring on that time but he was dressed very rough. She spied this same tramp back with his gun and his rifle and with a far prettier ring, so she goes to the door and hails him and says, "I see you've got on a much prettier ring. Is that for sale?" "Yes," he says, "but money can't buy it." She says, "What would you want for that ring?" He says, "Nothing more than to kiss you on the cheek." She thought that was terrible, but she wanted that ring so she let him kiss her. He took off the ring and gave it to her, the second ring. Now he had one more ring which was more costly than the other two, so he goes again a-gunning over the same grounds. She saw him and said, "There is that tramp again. What a wonderfiil ring that is." Be? ing a tramp and being very plain she went to the door and asked him what he wanted for that ring. He says, "Lady, I'm afraid to tell you the price of that ring. You might be offended." She said, "No, any price at all that I can pay. That ring I must have." "There's only one thing can take that ring," he says. "What is that?" she asked. He says, "The garment that is next to your person is the price of that ring." So she sent away into the house and changed and gave him the gar? ment that she wore. He went away then because he knew that on that night one of the brothers was to be married to that giri, but they still didn't know which could tell the best story. He dressed himself up then as a gentleman and he made a great appearance. He had the date of the wedding, and that day J
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