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Page 39 - 4 Stories from the New Book by Helen Creighton

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/1/1 (242 reads)

litde sharp boards in the floor which was about three feet long, right in front of the stove. He said, "Take a crowbar which is standing there, and pull them two boards up, and in between the two floors is me money." So he stood there 'longside of me and I got the money. So I pocketed it all and it disappeared. There was nothing. I went back and laid dovmti and I started to count this money, and I had lots of her then. And I said, "If I ever get to Canada, hello for liquor." So anyway, at seven o'clock the guy come and he took me out. So we went over to give me breakfast. So we sat there and I told him. He said, "What did you hear and what did you see?" I said, "I just had the beautifiillest night I ever had in my life." See? And he said, "You never heard nothing?" "No, my dear man." I said, "The beautifiillest home in the world. But," I said, "I'm going to tell you something. I got to go to the Mounted Police this morning." He said, "For what?" I said, "You know what," I said. "There's something on you," I said, "that I don't like about you and," I says, "I might as well tell you the truth. I'm going to the police this morning and you just CREDIT CARD ORDERS PHONE TOLL-FREE 1-800-565-5140 Industrial Cape Breton: 539-5140 B S C R I B Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Allan MacDougall ot "Hughie & Allan," with his wife Bertha "Is Your Father Dead Yet?" • Allan MacDougall Remembers the Comedy Team o( "Hughie & Allan" Jo Ann Gardner and Cape Breton's Heirloom Gardens An Extraordinary Drive Over "Ben Verick," 1923 Leo Aucoin, Acadian Singer • St. Joseph du Moine From Isabeile Knockwood's Memoir, Out of the Depths 'The Family Tree" • a Story by Beatrice IMacNeii A Gaelic Story by A. A. MacKenzie, Christmas Island • Re-Told in English by Joe Neil MacNeil TWO Songs from the New Waterford Explosion, 1917 A Visit with Will Pringle of Richmond County Number Sixty-Three might as well give yourself up now, for," I said, "you murdered a man five years ago for his money, for he told me." Well him and his wife and the son they flew, and I had everything in my pocket, and I said, "There's the money that you stole, that you was to take from that man, and you never got a cent from him." And I said, "That's why the house is left the way it is." So I went to the police anyway and I told them the story and there was five thousand dollars reward. Any man could get that. So I give up this money and I got me reward and I landed down here in Chatham and I went away down to Black River and the first thing I fell in was that woman there. She thought a lot of me then, you know. I was only young, and 1 got around there and she asked me all about this and where I got this money and I told her and I said, "You needn't be scared of ghosts," for I said, "lookit, I was tangled with ghosts," I said, "and it never hurt me one sign at all in the world." I said, "Sometimes I'd just as soon talk to a ghost as anyone else." So that's how I got the money, and how I fell in with that old woman of mine. If I hadn't a got the money, I would never have fell in with her. END HELEN'S JOURNEYIS AVAILABLE NOW FROIVI Breton Books &?? Music NEVER BEFORE IN BOOK FORM... THESE FOLK TALES AREA WINDOW INTO ANOTHER WORLD • OUR OWN! THROUGH THE MARITIMES by Helen Creighton Helen Creighton: "I had been collecting for many years before I realized how much the charac? ters I was hearing about meant to the storytellers and ballad singers." HELEN CREIGHTON'S Folk Tale Joumey includes stories from Cape Breton Island, mainland Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Is land, and New Brunswick. Some are long, really miraculous folk tales-'miraculous in detail and in that they managed to survive. Others are the brief riddle or the tantalizing quick-telling that a folklorist can expect along the way. Helen kept it all. The reality and intensity of those smaller pieces reveals their value in among the more finished, well-told tales. These are stories to be read alone, or aloud. 260 pages • photographs • $19.95 • SEE ORDER FORM ON NEXT PAGE. CAPE BRETON'S AWARD-WINNING MAGAZINE! 4-ISSUE SUBSCRIPTION in Canada I outside Canada $17.00 I $22.00 (or $25.00 Can. Currency) (plus 7% G.S.T.) SEE ORDER FORIVI ON NEXT PAGE., Cape Breton's MAGAZINE NOVA SCOTU Edited & Published by Ronald Caplan with the help of Bonnie Thompson Belle IVIaclntyre • Paul Cranford JANUARY 1994 FOR iviORE Breton Books & Music see next page.
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