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> Issue 65 > Page 43 - Venie's Letters to Her Dad, 1898

Page 43 - Venie's Letters to Her Dad, 1898

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/1/1 (266 reads)

bowel. No one thought he would live. He recovered but was an invalid with abcesses for a long time after. When he was well enough to work again he became MacDonald's head boss. He used to figure out the con? tracts. He worked away from home in sum? mer, and would be home some time during every winter. Father was a fine, quiet, well-balanced, dependable man. He could use his brains well. Figure, spell, com? pose a good letter although he had only a small amount of actual schooling. This is the end of what Lennie wrote about her family, and the beginning of Venie's letters to her Dad, Robert Arm? strong. In 1898, the older boys, Howard and Fred, were al? so working away, and the girls helped their mother on the little farm and attended school. Venie was 15. Sydney Forks, C. B. March 18th. 1898 Dear Papa, Although you did not send me a letter I shall write you a few lines.... Jim Morley is better but he still looks very misera? ble. You said you were going to send some money in your next letter. Are you going to send us girls what you promised? I wish you would. If you think we are having much fun here you are quite mistaken. For we have just all we can do to attend to things and get to school. The lambs will be coming along now to make more work. The Gorme ewe had 2 last night. She would not let them suck, and we had to feed them with a bottle. Mama has the hardest time of all, for she has everything to do all day when we are in school. She has to mix all the feeds for the mare, cow, calf, sheep, hens and ducks. One of the ducks is dying. So I can tell you none of us have any time for idling. Your loving daughter, Venie Dear Papa, July 4th, 1898 Mama says to tell you she has her hands full: of ducks! There are 33 young ones already all brought out by hens and now one of the ducks themselves are setting. And they are the most endless bother ever was created. They want to eat-eat-eat from morning till night. Then you have to watch them all the time or the mothers of the different broods are fighting. And the Venie's mother, Catherine Howie Armstrong oldest broods chase the little ones. And the big drake would devour them all if he wasn't kept shut up. He seems to have a grudge against them that nothing will sat? isfy short of killing them. So you see Ma? ma has her summer's work before her to look after them. GILLIS ?? BUILDING CENTRE! 6f>e>ci(ji.i(zm' in> Paeia' cS* tke rra/'al-To-l'ind h'Mmmfi THAT NEW HOME CALL US FOR AN ESTIMATE FLOOR & ROOF TRUSSES KINGS ROAD, SYDNEY RIVER 539-0738 GLENWGDD HOMES ' Complete Home Packages Cottages • Garages Contact Darren Wilcox: 539-0738 EXCELLENT DINING PATIO OR INDOORS D.J. 6 Nights a Week • Live Matinee Every Saturday Experience the Nite Life "DOWN UNDER" Sydney's Hottest Dance Club ~ Beverage Room & Grill 458 CHARLOTTE STREET • DOWNTOWN SYDNEY MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED 562-8586 564-9234 43
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