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Page 24 - Life and Death of the "Aspy"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1976/8/1 (350 reads)

the ambulailce at that time. And I wish I had all the money that was entrusted to rae by merchants in the north country to take to Sydney to their suppliers. I'd have so much raoney I'd be scared. Like on a Saturday morning you'd be going back to Sydney and these people would be look? ing for an order to be coraing on Tuesday. And they'd corae to me with envelopes with checks, money. Get to Sydney, first thing I'd have to do is jurap and grab a taxi and go around to the wholesalers so they'd get it in time to have the stuff ready • then get up at 6 o'clock in the raornii' and load all kinds of perishable goods so these merchants would have it. We had four sailings a week during stimmer seasons • two north and two to St. Axm's. In the fall of the year, one sailing a week to St. Ann's was cut out. Fewer peo? ple and a lot less freight than there were north. Frora North Sydney, we'd go straight across to Breton Cove first. We left Sydney at 8 o'clock and usually left North Sydney around 9:30 • and freight and passengers were picked up at both of these places. Ihen our first stop was Breton Cove. Then we'd raake frora there into St. Ann's. We called at Englishtown. Sometimes Jersey Cove didn't have enough freight to warrant going there. Then mostly it was North Ri? ver, North Gut and South Haven. Come back and dock at Englishtown again on your way out. Then North Sydney and Sydney. Wreck Cove was not on our St. Ann's trip. Alex Morrison had a store and a lobster factory there • and he'd telegraph if there was freight or canned lobsters to pick up. Wreck Cove could be our first stop on our north trip or it could be our last stop, leaving. Norraally, our first stop would be Ingonish Ferry, then Ingonish Beach, then North Ingonish, then Neil's Harbour. Fifth stop was White Point, our sixth s|op could be Bay St. Lawrence or Dingwall according to weather conditions. If we made the Bay St. Lawrence trip on the first day, we ended up at Dingwall in the night. And if we didn't make Bay St. Law? rence and weather was fit we left Dingwall 4 and 5 o'clock in the morning for Bay St. Lawrence. We stopped again • according to weather conditions • soraetiraes at White Point. If conditions perraitted we stopped back at Neil's Harbour, North Ingonish, South Ingonish on the way back • Wreck Cove if we had to • then North Sydney. One time we left Sydney with Capt. York as captain • and when we turned Cranberry he set the course for Smokey, straight. "'-'' CampGill CampGill Lighthouse Cape Breton Shopping Plaza Sydney River, Nova Scotia CampGill Electrical Supplies Ltd. P. O. Box 386 Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia J. W. Stephens Limited lUILDERS SUPPLIES HARDWARE AND PAINTS WOODWORKERS AND MILL WORK Phone the Lumber Niimber 564-5554 Sydrxey . [ oVA. Scotid' A meraber of the BOLD organization In One Building Three Separate Businesses Contribute to the Progress and Shopping Enjoyment of Baddeck and Surrounding Areas Stone's Drug Store Baddeck Home & Auto Stone's Clothing Centre Your Mini-Department Store in Baddeck, N.S. N.O. Beaton, Prop.
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