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> Issue 65 > Page 52 - D.R. Boyle of West Arichat from a Richmound County Diary, 1887

Page 52 - D.R. Boyle of West Arichat from a Richmound County Diary, 1887

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/1/1 (236 reads)

wife from D'Escousse here. Was to brook at twelve but got only B. Great hauls in Big Brook. Back pretty sore. Was to Girroir's with Father B. Monday, Sept. 19: Fine. Got Edward with Remi at fence. Patsy not well. Red cow very much swollen • hope to God I am not going to lose her. Will likely have to pierce her. Must get straw and hay in today. Mrs. gone to D'Escousse for a girl. Tuesday, Sept. 20: The Bishop called on Pat Doyle in Halifax and his views upon Mrs. Doyle's scrape is greatly modified. She will certainly be left se? verely alone and restored to her rights. Wednesday, Sept. 21: Fine. To brook with Jno. McD. last night and caught two dozen. Have the Muries again fencing today to finish. Ploughmen are to be in this week • God help me how will I pay all bills? But all this work must be done if I am to live on the farm. Slept but little but feel well. Got boots and shoes fixed by Vautour • White charges heavily. Wednesday • contin? ued: Fine, got all wire strung on marsh yesterday and will get bars put up this week if possible. Have to get flour and ploughs from Arichat but Patsy may bring both today. Agreed with Strele to plough 67 x 90 yds. of upper field for $7.00 and cut two drains. McKillop ploughing for Hector • one of his mm.! Smart boaters plan ahead. They know that a ter? rific boating sea? son means more than just a new coat of wax. It means thorough pre-departure mainte? nance, taking the time to go through the Canadian Coast Guard Pre-departure Checklist, that includes things like battery condition, fuel levels, and safety equipment. Breakdowns can quickly deteriorate into life-threatening situations. So keep the BE BOAT SMART: CHECK IT OUT SAFE BOATING WEEK: JUNE 6 1'1 C3''3<''a'' Garde cotiere ?? ?? Coast Guard canadienne horses is a pure skeleton. Girl gone and now without any. Must get pump over and fixed this evening. Thursday, Sept. 22: Dull. Getting buttons on pump chain and will likely have it ready tonight. Fixed a (net) for catching eels. Must go for them tonight. Trustees to meet after school and fix up brook. Fr. Beaton anxious that Mc? Askill be retained Trustee as the nuns are. Friday, Sept. 23: Fine. Remi put? ting compost and manure and will finish in a day and a half. To B.B. last night with Remi and got a nice lot, Priest's father and McDhugall's and boy came last night. Took a spell with Trustees fixing up school book last night and must be at it again tonight. Saturday, Sept. 24: Rainy and did not do much. To his reverence at noon and took him (and) his visitors round to see the farm. Sunday, Sept. 25: Rained heavily. To his reverence in the evening, but Si? mon Lamon and wife ahead of me. Spoopendyke says he is going to Arichat meeting to see the fun there. Fine. Large meeting. A caucus was held at Spoopendyke's yesterday and this morning attended by Baptiste and Abram. Renult Baptiste was proposed a trustee but Remi was elected. Of the two evils I would prefer King. Desire and Vautour and more of them took a hand. Spoopendyke was more than piggish • he was quite hoggish and strove to let his dogs loose upon me, I cut him up at every attempt and I guess he feels a good deal more sheepish than he antici? pated. Abram proposed Bap? tiste and Alex Boutin: Desire seconded him. Must hereafter charge for my labours. Tuesday, Sept. 27: Dull. Austin went to Delorey stating the is? land would very likely be es? cheated. Several of opinion that Remi B. will be a good support? er of mine, but I have no confi? dence in him. Wednesday, Sept. 28: Fine. Steele's came last night and ploughed 8 hours doing a fair day's work in very rough ground. Covey has not yet brought me the school rates to figure up and he may give it to Spe. If I escape the tax I am un? concerned. Desire's gone with Net to intercept Girroir at Syd? ney. They will likely split. Four or more ploughers here now. "Avoid all levels and avoid stones" in this place. Thursday, Sept. 29: Fine. Steel did 7 hours more work • ground very tough. Spe. brought down my statutes. Friday, Sept. 30: Fine in P.M. Steels did 7 hours work in nice light ground. Will finish tomorrow. Saturday, Oct. 1st: Fine. Did some very tough ploughing in forenoon and put a finish to work there. About one- third of field now unploughed. In p.m. got them to plough garden and front of barn. Have a terri? ble lot of work on hand, be? tween draining, fencing, digging and compost making • but the fall is long. Sunday, Oct. 2nd: Rain. Got eel net but don't believe it is any good as holes are too large. Lesperance getting lots of hard catching to do. Had a trip to see marsh • two prisoners there. Monday, Oct. 3: Dull. Steele ploughing for Ned. 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