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Page 70 - Shipwreck of Transport Two Friends

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/1/1 (205 reads)

Dacca. Then on January 18, 1790, accompa? nied by his wife and two sons, John and William, started from Bengal for England in the Melville Castle, East Indiaman. The ship arrived at her destination on May 29th. He returned to England a rich man. His son John was then about three, and William about two, years old. His inten? tion was to settle in Ireland and with this in mind he purchased an estate in County Mayo. A third son, George, was born at Galway in 1791 and in 1797 his only daugh? ter, Frances, was born at Tots & Toddlers Daycare and PreSchool 42 GLENDA CRESCENT • SYDNEY. 18 months to 10 years Full Time & Part Time Open 7:30 • 5:30 Monday to Friday 539-6717 Bath. While re? siding at Bath the family lived at Marlborough Buildings. Young John died in Bath, October 1793. He only lived till he was five years old, and was buried there. STEWARDSHIP As much as our forests mean to us for wildlife and recreation, they are also important for sustaining Nova Scotia's economy. By integrating the best we know today about protecting and improving wildlife habitat with the best ways to ensure a sustainable forest crop, the Department of Natural Resources is working with private land holders to manage our forests today and well into the next century. If you are interested in learning more about the programs available to private landowners, contact your nearest Department office. Department of Natural Resources Here is a letter from John Evelyn to B.C. Williams, Esq.. 6 Bedford Row, London. "Bath, May 2, 1802. "My Dear Sir - I have applied to have my eldest son William admitted a cadet in the Royal Military College, and from General Harcourt's answer I believe with success. It will be necessary to ascertain accurate? ly his age, which can only be done by a copy of the register of his baptism at the India House. He was born in December 1788 and was christened I suppose in January '89, but you have a copy already. I must request you will obtain me a regular au? thenticated copy of the register of the baptism, precisely as if intended in a Court of Law, and transmit it to me to this place, and if it would not be too trouble? some, I should be particularly and extreme? ly obliged by your procuring me the name and proper address of the Secretary of the Supreme Board belonging to this College. I believe they can tell at the War Office, if not General Harcourt certainly can as he transmitted my letter to the Board--he lives in Portland Place.... "As I do not know how soon William may be called upon to attend the Board to be ex? amined for admittance, I hope you will send me the copy of the register, and if you can, the Secretary's address as soon as you conveniently can. "I am, my dear Sir, "Your obliged Hble. Servant, "JOHN EVELYN." John Evelyn was in character something of an autocrat and this trait had probably been accentuated by his life in India, where he had been accustomed to ordering people about and receiving the most im? plicit obedience. He expected the same compliance in his own family. In old age, when he inherited the family estates at Wotton in Surrey he became even more im? peratively demanding. Young William at the age of 14 must have had little chance to exercise a choice of career--but in those times filial duty was expected, anyway. STEPHENS HOME improvement! Building Supplies '' Makita Power Tools Mason Windows Donat Flamand Windows All Types of Cedar Sidings CGC Gypsum Board Plywood Iko Roofing Vinyl Replacement Windows Stanley Entrance Systems Pressure Treated Lumber Cedar Lumber SICO Paints & Stains Kaycan Vinyl Siding Fibreglass Pink Insulation 199 Townsend Street, Sydney 564-5554 Free Computerized Estimates
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