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Page 15 - Cayle Chernin: My Russian Relatives

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/6/1 (352 reads)

branch Oi; the family that went to Israel in the recent wave o:' emigration.... I especially wanted to go at this time be cause Boris was 91 and I didn't want to miss the chance of meeting him. (When you were growing up--did they think that there were no relatives left in Rus? sia?) I think that's what we thought. That they were just lost. That you couldn't really make contact with them. My grandfa? ther had this diary that he showed me that he kept when he went over in 1935. That was the last time he saw them. Presumably the war hit pretty hard. He felt his younger brother had been killed and his parents died. It seemed as if there was no chance. He couldn't make contact with his sisters so there was no opportunity to keep things going. And things didn't loosen up, really, (until) sometime in the late '60s--no, even later than that--so my grandfather was dead by then. He would've really tried to make contact. You know, if he had been alive. But as far as he knew, he couldn't. The Iron Curtain was pretty solid and he had been told not to make contact with them. (Were you a family that told family sto? ries, though?) Oh, yeah. I mean, I don't know how unique this is in terms of fami? lies, or maybe Cape Breton families, but I know, for example, with my parents not a lot of time goes by in a week or a month Cayle Chernin where we don't mention my grandparents on either side. There's a very strong sense of family and of keeping it alive. In this family reunion that we've had, everybody has been very aware, I know that, of not only who's there but of who's not there. And it's very clear. When we were watching other family movies last night, after the Russian movies--it was very, very clear that everyone was going, "There's Aunt Bessie!" and calling her daughter into the room, and her son, to make sure that they saw the pictures of their mother who had passed away. "There's Aunt Sandra," you Your Ideas ... Our Programs LET'S Get To Work At Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation!Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency we know that you and your ideas are our best resources. We have the tools to help you put your ideas to work. Whether your interest lies in the traditional industries or in a high- technology related business, we can and will help. It is time to combine your ideas and desire to accomplish something here at home with the resources at ECBC/ACOA Cape Breton. Make your move, and with our assistance, make your mark on our area. Let's become partners for progress! For further information contact: -Jf' Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation ??W Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Sydney: Port Hawkesbury:
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