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> Issue 66 > Page 66 - From Visits with Alfred P. MacKay of Big Harbour Island

Page 66 - From Visits with Alfred P. MacKay of Big Harbour Island

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/6/1 (153 reads)

The barn wouldn't hold them. So we shot some of them in the woods--we never took them home. Because there was no room in the barn for them. They were worth nothing. I (once) sent 9 calves down to a butcher in Sydney--Billy MacDonald. And he sent me back $2, for the 9 calves! And I had a team of horses working. And I broke the hame straps. I needed new hame straps--and they were $1 apiece. So I sold 9 calves for to buy two hame straps! Alfred laughs. I sup Vacation in Louisbourg! 1'1 'c. Canada Canada Canadian Parks Service ci Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Park Operating Hours: June and September 9:30 to 5:00 July and August 9:00 to 6:00 Pre-Season and General Information 733-3100 pose that would make a lot of hame straps, wouldn't it--the hide of 9 animals! So, it was a poor outlook. (Well, if you were looking to make a living, to put something away....) Yes, yes .... But wait. You know, even now, though, there's some fellows getting $70 a box for oysters. (Two boxes) wouldn't be too bad for half a cow--$140. You see? It wouldn't be enough, though, the price of beef today. My mother died in young. And my fa? ther lived on quite awhile af? ter that. There was quite a dif? ference, you know. There was no M.S.I, then. You were respon? sible for your parents if they weren't able to work. Today, the young fellows go to live off their parents, because they're getting the pension. They can while around the country drinking and 1929. I was only quite A Warm Welcome Awaits You in HISTORIC LOUISBOURG Cape Breton, N.S. at the Bed & Breakfast Home of Mrs. Greta Cross 48 Pepperell St (902) 733-2833 COMFORTABLE ROOMS HOME COOKING KITCHEN PRIVILEGES REFRIGERATION AVAILABLE CHILDREN WELCOME SHELTER FOR BICYCLES AMPLE PARKING SPACE OFF MAIN ST. QUIET AREA - SCENIC VIEW Bienvenue! Ciad Mile Failte! f>'%fmmd spend some time with us before or after your visit to the Fortress of LouisbourgI Doll Museum of Over 1900 Dolls Antique to Modern Dolls, Bears, Toys & Furniture * y'e Feature The Louisbourg Doll * Handcrafted Puffins and a Large Selection of Local Crafted Gifts and Dolls MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED Louisbourg j 7555 Main Street 'House of Dolls Louishourg OPEN MAY 15 TILL OCTOBER 15 • We Welcome All Visitors: Come in & Browse Around • BED & BREAKFAST A large tum-of-the-century home to welcome you, overlooking Louisbourg Harbour and the Fortress. We are open year round & feature a full breakfast with "extras." (902)733-3155 Louisbourg Motel (Coastal Inn Louisbourg) • 45 Units • Guaranteed Rates • Fleur-de-Lis Dining Room • Jake's Lounge • Colour Cable T.V, Major Credit Cards Accepted 1225 MAIN STREET, LOUISBOURG (902) 733-2844 "Only 1 Mile from Fortress Louisbourg** Louisbourg Pharmacy • A Local Pharmacy Serving Your Needs • Providing complete drug store needs, including: Prescription Service 4''f' Health & Beauty Aids Greeting Cards V"'/ '''' '' Supplies Baby Supplies ' ' <' Sundries Mon to Wed: 9 AM to 6 PM / "N Saturday: Thur & Fri: 9 AM to 8 PM (. J 9 AM to 5 PM /"On Saturday, prescriptions' V' filled up to 1 p.m. ONLY J Sanjiv Maindirana, pharmacist 1360 Mam Street • Louisbourg 733-2160 From the Old Town
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