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> Issue 66 > Page 68 - From Visits with Alfred P. MacKay of Big Harbour Island

Page 68 - From Visits with Alfred P. MacKay of Big Harbour Island

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/6/1 (149 reads)

CAPE BRETON EXHIBITION North Sydney, N. S. Tuesday, August l6th thru Sunday, August 21st OFFICIAL OPENING TUESDAY, AUGUST 16th • Hon. Wayne Gaudet officiating • special events will include a concert by the Singing Miners "The Men of the Deeps" other entertaining events include: 1'0 'iH? B'" Lynch Midway (' (' ALL NEW FACILITIES FOR: Cattle Shows Dairy & Beef Horse Shows Light & Heavy Steer & Lamb Show & Sale Tug-of-War • Ox Pull Fashion Show Gymkhana Events 4-H DAY Cape Breton Ceilidh NEW FLOWER & CRAFTS BUILDING Large Commercial Display Large Industrial Display Machinery Displays & Demos IVlcDonald's Kiddle Farm EXHIBITORS' LOUNGE Nightly Dancing 9 to 1 • Music by' Borderline f and J? George MacNeil & The Herdsmen Restaurant & Lounge Facilities Lots of Fun and a Whole Lot More EX'94 the codfish came too. And the herring would die off, but the codfish stayed. Because there was gaspereaux came then, there was something to attract the cod, you know. But once July came, we didn't fish". We were all farming then. The farm took over --the haymaking and all that stuff. And we didn't fish till we fished in the fall. In the fall we fished oysters. There was oys? ter fishing in the fall; and cod fishing too. Late, late. In cod nets you'd get fish, you know. There was nice fish came in in the fall. I think they came right up Bras d'Or--fine big cod, you know. No worms or anything; they were nice fish. That worked like that pretty good. But, I had 14 trucks since I started. Since the first truck I bought, I have 14 that I bought. The (one) over there gets a little low, I sell it. I made all the money on fish? ing. I couldn't make anything on the place. So at last I had no cows. When we finished off there was two. And even that wasn't pay? ing. It was cheaper to buy the milk, you know. When the milk came, all the stores had milk for sale. You know, a couple of boxes of milk would do us nearly a week. Two of us. (But the trucks were all bought by fish? ing.) Oh, yeah. Never had anything else. Everything I did. Everything I got, too. I remember when we would like to have an automatic washer. There were all kinds of different washers. Ones with little motors on them. Had one of them, little engine was running them. It was all right, too. So, it was in the spring of the year. The fellows were for flatfish. The lobster Located between Baddeck and Sydney on the Trans-Canada Highway (Route 105) Overlooking the Bras d'Or Lakes Seal Island Motel and Dining Room (Licensed) Seafood Our Specialty 46 Modern Units Swimming Pool Air Conditioning 674-2418 TOUR BUSES WELCOME Country Living at the Seal Island Bridge
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