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> Issue 14 > Page 35 - "Fortress Sydney" Manning the Guns on the C.B. Coast

Page 35 - "Fortress Sydney" Manning the Guns on the C.B. Coast

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1976/8/1 (336 reads)

m'j George M. Fraser; the senior NCOs at Fort Lingan in 1941; (front) Sgts. Chisholm. Fraser. Scudder and Morrison; (back) Sgts. Duggan. Buckley. MacLeod. McGillivary. George M. Fraser, South Bar, Sergeant-Major of the 6th Battery: It was the 2nd of Sep? tember and I had gone to work in the morn? ing • I was working at Dominion Tire and Chemical • and Major Ward called me on the phone and he said, "George, we're going to mobilize." iVell, I said "Fine." So I took the overalls off and I stood thera in the corner and I said good-bye. Active service offered exciteraent and it offered an "out" from the rat-race. There were an awful lot of fellows joined the service, particularly the miners I think, that this was the in? centive: to get away frora the raines; to get into action;to get into something that was different. Although during the war, there was a draft that took some of the miners back and put them in the pits. 'Ate started to train recruits; we began re? cruiting and training them. I was put on the garrison police. So I went on patrol on Charlotte Street. We used to start at 6 o'clock in the evening and we'd operate until midnight. And the only arrest that we made was one of our own members • there were four of us and one fellow got drunk and we had to arrest him. Windows, Doors' Avmings, Railings, Siding Modern Aluminum Products '.'felton Street, Sydney* Faraous for our Baloney GEORGE'S DAIRY Baddeck IDEAL ICE CREAM The Only ice Cream Manufactured in Cape Breton Prince Street, Sydney 564-4549 OCEAN GLASS LTD. WINDSHIELDS INSTALLED ON THE SPOT Mobile Service 765 Grand Lake Road Sydnev, Call Collect 539-6140 Jre&i;' ddicious scafbod. S'f'' 'l %r resenlatioQs (?dtKsat)U, but itjOt osseijtuil) Cape Breton's Magazine/35
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