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> Issue 66 > Page 71 - A Trek from Cheticamp to Pleasant Bay as written by Dr. Leo J. LeBlanc / Archie Neil Chisholm Talks about Dr. Leo LeBlanc

Page 71 - A Trek from Cheticamp to Pleasant Bay as written by Dr. Leo J. LeBlanc / Archie Neil Chisholm Talks about Dr. Leo LeBlanc

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/6/1 (320 reads)

dogteam," which he did. After an hour's rest my old guide and I left for the Cape Rouge Trail, while the other men left for their respective homes. At the No. 1 Camp, I was met by the dog- team and it was time. I could hardly crawl on account of my sore knee. It was then blowing a westerly gale and snowing, which made walking heavy. Then I sat on the dog- sled and the dogs trotted along, but com? ing down the French Mountain it was icy and dangerous, also I suffered discomfort from my knee. I reached the Bourgeois home at 9:45 a.m. It was then snowing heavily and a westerly gale was raging. I rested myself and had a good hot lunch, prepared for me by Mrs. Bourgeois, then I tele? phoned for my team. Making one call on my way home, I landed at my office at twelve noon. It was then quite rough and stormy. I rested until 4 p.m. when another call was sent in, but luckily it wasn't far. At 8 p.m. having a nice sleep the telephone again gave me a call, but this time it was only news from my little patient, at Pleasant Bay, reported as resting easy. The next day I was well "all-in." This is, I think, some of the true hard? ships of the country practitioner, and to those who have experienced similar treks of sixty-four or more miles in less than nineteen hours, let me repeat the promise of the poet: "He that ever following her commands On with the toil of heart and knees and hands, Thro' the long gorge to the far light hath won His path upward and prevailed. Shall find the toppling crags of duty scaled Are close upon the shining tablelands. To which our God Himself is moon and sun." Archie Neil Chisholm Talks about Dr. Leo LeBlanc from a Visit with Rosie Aucoin Grace Archie Neil; I was quite young when he was prac? ticing. But I knew much more about him through hearing the stories concerning some of his ac? tions and concerning some of the things he did in the face of terrific odds. And he became almost a legend in his time because if ever a person lived up to the Hippocratic Oath, Dr. L6o did. Because he spared neither himself or his animals, the horses that he drove, nor his cars.... Dr. L6o was born at Margaree Forks.... They were brought up the same as I was--in poverty--they didn't have too much of the world's goods at all. But somehow through sheer hard work and determi- A Night Under The Stars Won't Cost You The Moon. A roomy Avis car or van Is the perfect way to camp under the stars, at a price that's really down to earth. Avis features GM vehicles. GMC gafc Call today For Full Details And Reservations! Sydney-Glace Bay Hwy: (902) 564-8341 Sydney Airport: (902) 564-8265 AVIS We're trying harder than ever/'' ?I 'Aeroplan nation. Dr. L6o got through college and got his medical degree. And when he first came to this area he didn't have a house at all. And for some years he stayed at John Alec Chiasson's. They used to call it the Chiasson Hotel. He started practicing from there and, of course, he didn't have a car I don't think. It would be a horse and wagon or a horse and sleigh. You could see him in the daytime and hear him at night--the old Model T's that--kind of popular-- he had one of them. Dr. L6o was a doctor who was highly respected, reputed as being a very good doctor at the time, and he had probably one of the only rivals--! don't mean it in the unfriend? ly term--one of the only other doctors in the ar? ea at the time was my uncle. Dr. A. W. Chisholm who lived at Margaree Harbour. There was another doctor. Dr. MacNeil, who was living from about the year 1900-1910 at Margaree Harbour, but it Make a Good First Impression! • Letterhead • Envelopes • invoices ?? Business Cards • Reports • Price Lists • Newsletters • Manuals • Resumes • Purchase Orders • Menus • Flyers • Brochures • Tickets • Booklets 562-2122 SYDNEY FAX #: 562-7937 • 200 Charlotte St. (near Dorchester St.) • CENTRES COAST TO COAST • "The Inn with the View" 'h Duck Cove Irux On the Cabot Trail Margaree Harbour Nova Scotia, Canada ?"'- ''10 Phone (902) 2"' 1 Fax 235-2r-
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