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> Issue 66 > Page 85 - With Jessie Morrison of Cape North - A Cape Breton to Alberta Pioneer

Page 85 - With Jessie Morrison of Cape North - A Cape Breton to Alberta Pioneer

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/6/1 (139 reads)

July 1940 saw me once again after an ab? sence of many years back to the place of my birth. It was just as beautiful as my child? hood memories pic? tured it. I shall never forget the first night I slept in the room in Grandfather's old home in which I first saw the light of day. I think I cried all night. So many memories. So many loved ones not there.... when the lights are low." "When you and I were young, Maggie." Ali the old songs. Photographs from a Visit Home • Cape Breton, July 1940 And then Norman's brothers. Ed and Dave, they were very fine singers. And Dave had g little autoharp. So then my father, of course, was involved with building the schoolhouse. And the objective was to have the school finished in time to find a teacher from Calgary. Which they did. My father finished the school. I think, in early January. And they did get a teacher, a very, very nice young lady. And I couldn't start school because we were three miles away and I couldn't ride or drive a horse--my father wouldn't feel safe in let? ting me. So I couldn't start school until Clockwise from top: Uncle Dan MacKin? non Willi Iiis mare; lie died in a road ac? cident, moving road machinery. Aunt Ra cliel lAacKinnon Campbell; she died in 1941. Archie MacDonald, a neighbour. Mary B. MacLeod • she had been a schoolteacher, and married locally. She was a fund of local information • births, marriages, and deaths. Duncan Campbell, Rachel's husband, and his Guernsey cow. the weather broke and I was able to walk the three miles. So it was about March be? fore I was able to start school. I think there were about eighteen alto- r Oceon Jlentalsltd. Contractors Equipment Compressors Welders Drills, Saws Call: Lawn & Garden Equipment Tillers Sod Cutters Air Eators GLACE BAY General Engine Hoists Jacks Tow Bars 849-1616 & Much More- South (Campbells Comer) - P. O. Box 265 Midway Motors Ltd. Now with Two Locations: HEAD OFFICE 'W. NEW OFFICE Middle River '' Port Hastings 295-2290 "'' 625-3641 We've Been CHRYSLER Since 192 6 ' LIMITED 110 Reeves St. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS "Serving Cape Breton Over 35 Years" SPECIALIZING IN: • INDUSTRIAL - COMMERCIAL • INSTITUTIONAL • RESIDENTIAL • WIRING CONTRACTORS • MAINTENANCE SERVICE ELECTRIC HEATING SYSTEMS • FREE ESTIMATES nuKeevest)i. ceo ''QO SYDNEY, N. S. OD'" I 10??- FAX 526-1699 Beautiful Campus Alumni Gardens Alumni Theatre Historic Displays in Library Open House Program {last Saturday in July) L 1 Agricultural '''7 College Gazebo in Aluiiiiii Gardens BOX 550, TRURO, N.S. B2H 5E8 TEL. (902) 893-NSAC
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