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> Issue 66 > Page 92 - With Jessie Morrison of Cape North - A Cape Breton to Alberta Pioneer

Page 92 - With Jessie Morrison of Cape North - A Cape Breton to Alberta Pioneer

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/6/1 (139 reads)

ly fainted. I never fainted in my life but I nearly fainted on that occasion. Mother was as white as the sheets. It had been a very difficult labour and the doctor in question was not one of the more skilled nor had he had great experience in obstet? rics, I don't think. And I feel quite sure that had it not been for Mrs. Stewart we might have lost our mother. I was not very happy over the arrival of this fourth member of the Morrison family. I was at the great age of "What would I be?" It was 1919, I would be fifteen in September and Muriel was born in March. So as compensation I was given the privilege of naming the new baby. So I named her Mu? riel and her second name Augusta, because that was the name of this dear friend and neighbour who was with Mother through this. Mrs, Stewart. Now, Muriel never for? gave me! But I paid no attention to her criticism. It was done in a good cause and for a good reason. I think my interest in nursing profession was sparked by our neighbour, Mrs. Stew? art, who was a graduate nurse from Newark City Hospital, Newark, New Jersey. She really had special training in nursing. Well qualified. And, oh, what important service that she gave to the women of the county. I have often said that if I inher? it or if I won the sweepstake of three million dollars, my first project would be to set up a memorial to the memory of the nurses who came to this country as farm? ers ' wives in the early days and were the Cape Bretoners know what to call the perfect vacation destination. Home. People travel far and wide in search of great vacation destinations, seeking a blend of sceruc splendours, and historical and cultural attractions. But here in Cape Breton we can truly say, there's no place like home. Our island is blessed with a rich natural and cultural heritage. Among the most unforgettable stops are the world-class national parks and national historic sites, conveniently located in a loop around the Island. Enjoy one of North America's most renowned coastal vistas on the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Marvel at the genius of Alexander Graham BeU and Guglielmo Marconi, the Wizard of Wireless. Step through the gates of the Fortress of Louisbourg and be transported into 18th-century New France. Relax and watch the boats go by on St. Peters Canal. Discover the history of the coloiual cod fishery on Grassy Island. Why travel further away without getting closer to the perfect vacation? Cape Breton Island, where the attractions are world class but the costs are down home. Why not stay and enjoy. For more information, call 1-800-565-9464. Canada (nurses for) their neighbours. They never refused to call. With regard to recreation--1913-1916--our neighbourhood formed the Caliholme Literary Society. And held concerts every two weeks from December--starting with the Great Christmas Extravaganza--December to March at the schoolhouse. Recitations, quartets, etc. Mother was in great demand because of her fine voice, but also that she could read music like print. And I might mention as a point of interest, she brought with her from Boston a pitch-pipe. Maybe you don't know what a pitch-pipe is, but it's a little, small cylindrical instrument the size of your thumb with a dial on it. And if you wished to start your song in the key of B Flat, you dial to B Flat and then when my mother was ready away you went. The most amusing feature of the bi-weekly --or the fortnightly--program would be a debate. Participants in the debate and the subject of the forthcoming debate would be decided at each meeting. Other activities later on: A baseball club was organized and they carried the Call- holme colours. They were very successful in winning games up and down the line. (Softball and baseball were always very popular in the west.) Well, they would be because it didn't require much equipment. Because not having any surface water there was no ice; consequently, no skating, or no hockey, or no curling. There were church services later conducted in the schoolhouse but prior to that my fa? ther and mother had organized a Sunday School. And a year later a minister--I think he was Presbyterian, I'm not sure-- came to Youngstown, which was twenty-odd miles distant. So he would come every sec- Jacques-Cartier Motel kitchenette units available / telephones in all rooms P. O. Box 555, Sydney, N. S. B1P 6H4 (902) 539-4375 or 539-4378 or 539-4379 SYDNEY - GLACE BAY HIGHWAY FRANCAIS 2 Kilometres de I'Aeroport ENGLISH tt Community Banking in Cape Breton • Your Mutual Fund Shop • Bank of Montreal We*re Paying Attention .onop • tt
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