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Page 10 - Gwennie Pottie of West Tarbot

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/8/1 (341 reads)

coup] back guess told else .e of and months. So ther I was , I was 26 her with that her home when she'd or go then I had for awh I left again have with to get someone to come ile. I and I someone else. Now like, when I first went to Sydney I fig? ured, "Oh boy, I'm on my own. I can do what I please, go where I please." No way. Actu? ally, I didn't know how to live when I left home. I was so used to being home and in the evenings so used to sitting down knitting or sewing or something. It didn't mean any? thing to me to go out in the evenings. Till I started going to church and had to go to choir practice and things like that. At first it was an effort for me to get ready to go. "Should I, should I go out there?" And then, naturally, there was a girl lived next door to me that worked for a family next door to me, and of course, we got "chummy. And we started going out to? gether. That kind of got me opened up so I would move out once in awhile. Outside of Your chance to meet Cape Breton Craftspeople face-to-face. Cape Breton BITS w PIECES Souvenirs Made with Cape Breton Tartan Christmas Ornaments - Fridge Ornaments Sachets - Pincushions - Small Items Aprons - Tote Bags - Stuffed Animals AVAILABLE YEAR ROUND 315 Columbia Street Sydney, Nova Scotia BIP 4K1 564-5674 that, I didn't know just what it was like to spend the evening--of course, like, around here, if there was a milling frolic or something going on for the church, I would go for a few hours. But it was after I was 21 (before) I'd go on my own. (When you came from England, what did you think was happening to you?) They didn't tell me anything. I didn't have the slightest idea where I was going.... But, like I say, it was a lonely place because there were no children. It was all older people that were in their 50's. (There were three adults.) Yeah. There was two men--well, one of the men died--I al? ways called him Uncle Murdock. He was the one that went after me. He met me at the boat in Baddeck, and we stayed over in Baddeck overnight at a cousin of theirs. And then we came from there the next morn? ing. Started from Baddeck eight o'clock in the morning, we got to West Tarbot at two o'clock in the afternoon. Well, I'm tell? ing you, when I think of it today, how quick you can go to Baddeck and back! (Did they attempt to make you feel at home there?) Oh yes, oh yes. They were very good to me. You know, I can't say they weren't. But still, coming from a place where you were amongst 50 children every day, it took me quite awhile to get used to it. (Did you celebrate Christmas?) No. No. No. The first Christmas tree I had when I came here was the first year I was married, and we had a little table tree. That was the first Christmas tree. Well, the first Christmas I was here, ac? tually. I was terrible put out, terribly disappointed. No Santa Claus, or no tree. Handcrafted Toys, Gifts & Clothing Home Decor Items TENDER LOVING CARE Specially Designed Little Girls' Dresses in Unusually Pretty Prints • SIZES 1 to 14 SPECIAL ORDERS WELCOME Marilyn Teasdale Kimberley Teasdale / 'D~DD/ i. >or all outdoor activities... BUG FREE SHIRT ''S'J '? Repeilants /' y'''' No Chemicals v. ' -',' Protects fl|| '-' ) Against: V'''' TI X (' ' -' Deer Flys ''''M n L Black Flys ''''W 1 II ''' Mosquitoes 'Silf L/or'ew-STcr ' Enterprise "'''Ji', RR 2, Mabou, NS BOE 1X0 100% Polyester , (902) 945-2077 Washable 'HH See-thru jHB Cool jpiiiiiiir ' Wood Carvings Hand Carved by JOHNMCINTYRE 88 Grandview Street Sydney, Nova Scotia BIP 3N6 (902) 564-9845 O' MARY'S Crafts Bras d'Or Silk Flower Arrangements Special occasions arrangements wreaths • hats • brooms Wicker Baskets • fans | ... AND MUCH MORE
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