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Page 12 - Gwennie Pottie of West Tarbot

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/8/1 (237 reads)

mother, or your father, so how did you find out that you were a girl? Was Mary Smith equipped to discuss this stuff with you?) Not really. Well, of course, I knew my mother. The day I left to come here I saw my own mother. And then I used to hear from her all the time, too, and she used to write things to me in the letters. But to be honest with you, I was only 11 years old when I first came into woman? hood, when I first started my periods. I was getting ready for school, it was in September. I'll never forget it as long as God leaves me my health. I was all dressed up ready for school and I had to go to the bathroom before. And, of course, it was outdoor toilets in those days. I had to go out to the toilet before I'd start off for school. And, oh my God, when I went there my coat was just polluted. I came in bawl? ing and crying. And they had a maid--they used to have to keep a maid when I was in school--she came. So she went in and she told the old lady and, of course, I didn't get to school that day. And there was no such a thing as running to a drug store for necessary things that you needed for it, they were all made at home them days. But anyway, I started asking the old lady, "What's this? Am I dying?" That's the way I put it. "No, no," she said, "you're com? ing into womanhood." But the only thing she told me was, "You be careful of the boys." Now, to me, what in the world did the boys have to do with this?! And me on? ly 11 years old, you know. I didn't know O J Island Images A Scenic Photographs Q' and Paper Tole Paper Tole Beautifully Framed Hummels Specializing in Birds Flowers Scenery WE WILL SHIP ANYWHERE • VISA ' ' RR 3 Site 16 Box 18, Howie Centre Sydney, Nova Scotia BI P 6G5 564-8282 We Carry Tole Frames anything then about the birds and the bees, like the saying goes. So anyway, the next day I went to school and old Lexie MacDonald, Catherine's moth? er, I always used to stop there--Catherine and I used to go to school together. And she said. "Gwen," she said, "what's wrong? You weren't in school yesterday?" So I started telling her. And I said, "Cousin Lexie, what does it mean?" She said, "Aunt Mary didn't tell you?" I said no and I told her what Aunt Mary said. Well, poor Lex? ie sat down and she started laughing.... Our Visit with Gwennie Pottie Continues on Page 61 SiCvtr %ginbow gifts o o 95 Main St., Sydney Mines 736-0924 Quality Cape Breton Tartan Souvenirs & Gifts • ALL LOCALLY HANDMADE • Jessica Dolls • Silk & Dried Flower Arrangements Porcelain Dolls • Tole Painting ORDERS ACCEPTED Dee's Creations I Don't Know If I'm Hit or Son o' ' '"'' vVn, How's She Goin' Bye? . 0 .' S'<' .''' v.<-''' A Ma Jig <...e'' OV 'e.,,,'''''' GoodOeaf Good T's and Pep Shirts / Large & X-Large / Stanfield's / Top Quality Original Needlecraft Kits and Custom Designs featurii' Historic and Scenic Sites and other subjects of local interest PLEASE CALL 849-0991 OR 539-5840 to order FOXBERRY COTTAGE CRAFTS Cape Breton Crafts -a- Plenty PRESENT A Sale of Crafts & a Touch of Cape Breton Hospitality WHEN CRUISE SHIPS ARE IN - come to - St George's Hall Nepean Street SYDNEY Come and Visit with Us! You have just passed some of the finest craftspeople in Cape Breton. Take the time to go back through their displays. Meet Cape Breton Craftspeople face-to-face.
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