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> Issue 67 > Page 28 - Walter Dugas Revisited: Oxen & Wood

Page 28 - Walter Dugas Revisited: Oxen & Wood

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/8/1 (199 reads)

LETTER OF REFERENCE From: Cape Tidewater, Port Hawkesbury. The contractors for Nova Scotia Pulp Limited Pulp Mill. February 19,1962. To whom it may concern: Mr. Walter Dugas started to work for our company on this project on November 9,1960, and was released from this project on February 20, 1962. His release was caused by completion of the project. We have found Mr. Dugas to be a dependable, cooperative, and efficient work? er. His relationship with his fellow employees has been of the best. Mr. Dugas was hired as a payroll clerk and timekeeper, with duties consisting of the preparation of payroll and payroll cheques and maintenance and vacation pay, and unemployment insurance books. He also assisted in the posting of cost records, balancing of cost cards to controls, preparation of back charges, and other miscellane? ous duties. We would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Dugas for any position he feels he could handle, and would certainly rehire him should we ever work again in this area and find him available. (Signed) C. A. Heath, Office Manager, have drags?) Oh, hay wagons I used to make myself. We had a 4-wheel truck--the tires were almost 3 inches wide. Half-an-inch, thick steel tire on the wheels. And like you saw on the cart there. And I used to make a what-you-call to put the hay in. It was probably as long as from here to the wall there. (About 15 feet.) Oh, yes-- long. And at least the width of that arch there. (So, about 10 by 15 feet.) The width of that arch, and about the height of the fridge. But the way it was made, it was made like this, the sides, see. (Oh, the sides slanted out.) Yeah. And then when you'd pile on top--you could pile on top, you didn't even see the what-you-call underneath the hay when it was well Trust H&R; BLOCK ?? Income taxes are our only business. ?? We have more experienced preparers than anyone in the business. ?? We stand behind our work. ?? We provide year-round service. ?? We provide thorough and accurate service. ?? We are reasonably priced. ?? We are conveniently located. Ifs why Canadians retum. hi Sc Ft BLOCK The Income Tax Specialists Year Round Service. 564-4584 296 Chariotte St. Sydney During Tax Season: j'g gay Store 862-7129 849-4440 539-8350 3473 Plummer Ave. 65 Main St. Mayflower Mall New Waterford Glace Bay Sydney Ottier Locations: • North Sydney ?? Baddeck • Port Hawkesbury ; (piled). (What did you call that thing?) I don't know what you'd call it in English. We used to call it in French a (sounds like) raquefoin. (A hay rack?) Sort of a hay rack, yeah. My gosh, we used to haul some awful loads, though. I remember one time--last house by the breakwater there, they used to sell hay. And my father and me, we ran short of hay one winter. We went there, and we weighed half a ton. And we loaded half a ton of hay. You know, hay is not very heavy. In a way it takes a lot to make half a ton. And one load, with that same ox here in the picture--one load, half a ton. Bobsleighs, in the wintertime. We had the hayrack on the bobsleighs and we came right home with half a ton. Weighed. It was weighed weight-for-weight, you know. We used to weigh it, where there was a sling made with rope, fill the sling and weigh the sling, and take the amount down with a pencil. As soon as we had it done, that's it. Half a ton; a thousand pounds. So a thousand pounds of hay was quite a load, you know, for us. It wasn't the weight of the load for the ox; he didn't mind that at all. It wasn't only a quarter of a load for the ox. 'Cause he could haul much more than that. (But the size of it.) Yeah, the size was bulky, eh? (Would the ox take you to church?) Oh, no. No. We always walked to church, until the time I (was) capable enough to get in the car. (Did you take the ox for a drive, just for pleasure?) Not that I remember too often. Because we were working so of? ten with it that I suppose at the time we were--when we'd put the ox, oh, we were kind of glad to put it away. (Now, the time came to get rid of the ox.) Yeah. (How did you make that decision?) Well, it was either that we were going to Whale Cruisers Ltd. CHETICAMP Contact Capt. Scenic 3-Hour Boat Tours * June to October 3 Times a Day in July & August __ Bill Crawford, , Cheticamp Boat Tours Box 10, Grand Etang, Nova Scotia BOEILO (902)224-3376 28 Its a crime what an amateur will do to a perfectly simple print joh Get the pros touch
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