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> Issue 67 > Page 38 - A Geology Walk up the Clyburn Valley

Page 38 - A Geology Walk up the Clyburn Valley

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/8/1 (250 reads)

potassium feldspar crystals. Sometimes, some of them will come with a white rim around the edge of them. But I don't think this boulder's going to do it DON'S FLOWERS Serving Port Hood, Judique, Inverness and Surrounding Areas p. O. Box 179, Port Hawkesbury, N. 8. BOE 2V0 Telephone 625-2215 or 625-2717 for us. There might be one in there. A pink crystal surrounded by a white rim. This is a texture which is called rapaki- vi. Rapakivi is a place in Finland--just as it sounds. And it is a texture which tells us that the granite--when it was a magma deep down in the crust--came up and sat there for a while, and then went bub? bling on up again, and sat there for a while. What the rapakivi is made of is a core of potassium feldspar surrounded by a white rim of plagioclase feldspar.
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