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> Issue 67 > Page 58 - The 1929 Earthquake and the Search for John MacLeod

Page 58 - The 1929 Earthquake and the Search for John MacLeod

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/8/1 (433 reads)

Predictions for North Sydney - November 1929 community it destroyed Mr. Dunphy's sawmill. The owner put his loss at $2,000. By December 11, 1929, it was realized that Mr. John MacLeod was missing and he was presumed drowned; apparently a body was never found. Vi? tal Statistics of Nova Scotia records nothing of this incident. The last mention of the matter was in the Hali? fax Herald of Monday, December 16, 1929, in a front page headline: "Mill Demolished, Man is Missing." The story about one hour later adds only that, "interested parties at Sydney, N.S. (and are making inquiries in the vicinity in the hope that something definite will be found out within the next few days." The matter never reappeared in the papers. 0.60 k The detailed hindcast lunar tidal predictions ' for North Sydney for -?- o. November 18-19, 1929. The darkened part of the curve *. 0.40] shows the state of the tide (almost high) ra 0.20 when the tsunami ar? rived at the Burin Pe? ninsula at 1930-2030 NST (19-2000 AST). The tsunami arrived probably about the same time at Lower River Inhabitants). Help us find John MacLeod & locate the Saw Mill... It Is clear that if we are to learn more about this appar? ent death, the exact location of the sawmill, Mr. MacLeod's hometown, his full name, age, family history, etc., or the details as to his loss (or to his eventual reappear? ance?), then only local knowledge will assist us. No local southern Cape Breton newspapers of the day sur? vive and the author, as yet, has not met local people who recall this event of Mr. Mac? Leod's loss. Can readers help? Please contact Alan Ruffman at Box 41, Station M, Halifax, N.S. B3J 2L4, phone (902) 422- 6482, FAX (902) 422-6483. Or contact Cape Breton's Maga? zine, Wreck Cove, Cape Bre? ton, Nova Scotia BOC 1H0 • (902) 539-5140. We would welcome more details on Mr. John MacLeod, Canada's first recorded earthquake death. Day of tlie Month (times AST) Ss''Al/ro* Thus the tsunami arrived in Cape Breton Island harbours from about 2000 to 2030 AST i or at the full height of the lunar tide and with the storm tide added on top. The tsunami arrived at the worst possible time for Cape Breton shore frontage properties. The dan-, ger from the tsunami would have been compounded by the wind-driven storm waves ; at the peak high tide. This curve is courtesy of Charles O'Reilly and has been modified t by Geomarine Associates. Map of a Portion of Richmond County: Lower River Inhabitants to Whiteside For more about the 1929 earthquake in Cape Breton, see Issue 50 of Cape Breton's Magazine, including memories from Capt. Raymond P. "Robbie" Robertson and Billy James MacNamara. Suppliers of Commercial Recreational Fencing p. O. Box 98, King St., North Sydney, N. S. B2A 3M1 794-4773 HAVE OUR AUGER TRUCK DIG YOUR HOLES." Sydney Local Office 320 Esplanade St., Sydney, N.S. B1P1A7 (902) 564-7842?? FAX (902) 564-7712 Bureau de Sydney 320 rue Esplanade, Sydney, N.-E. Bi P 1A7 (902) 564-7842??(902) 564-7712 fax '
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