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Page 63 - Gwennie Pottie of West Tarbot

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/8/1 (155 reads)

book. And I went home, and I had the pat? tern. That's the way I learned how to read the pattern. But the old lady could never, never read a pattern. She could make a stab at it by looking at it. Of course, I can do one thing that I'd never seen there, and that's the weaving. They did have a loom there, but it was never up. They were after taking it down (before I came there). It used to be one of the old ones in the kitchen loft. Not like the looms we have today. I was seeing these reeds and things, I didn't know what it was. No. I learned the weaving through Mrs. Al? len in Bras d'Or--she's dead now. And then I went to Eveline MacLeod's classes (Eve? line is the director of the South Haven Weavers' Guild). 1 learned the most of my weaving from Eveline. Started in the '70s, any-way. But spinning, now, I could do that when I was a kid over there.... (I know you're a lover of music. Was there music back in the home in West Tarbot?) No. Not until I was 16. Well now, I shouldn't have said that. The old fellow-- Uncle Dan--had an accordion. And I used to learn to play hymns on it, because I wasn't allowed to play anything else any? way! (It was a good Presbyterian house? hold?) Oh, you want to believe they were good Presbyterians. And he was a very good Christian man. Anyway, when I was 16 their brother Dun? can- -he was living out West--he sent money home to me to get an organ. He wrote home, and he wanted to give me something for be? ing such a good girl, to quit school to go back to the old lady. And he wanted to give me something for it, and I graded that year. And he said, he wanted to know what I wanted. So I wrote to him and I told him I wanted an organ. So he sent the money. And I got an organ--well. Charlie ("Holy" MacDonald) got it for me in Syd? ney- -for $40, second hand. A pedal organ. The old fellow could read the notes. And he taught me part of it. And then I took 36 lessons by mail. And the only way that I could have had my certificate for that, I'd have to go away to the Conservatory of Music. But I never went. I used to play in the church around here one time. I played at North Riv? er, and played down the Shore. Whenever there'd be anything big going on, I used to play the organ. (Where were your own children born?) The oldest one (Rosanna) was born in Sydney. And then Carl Lauchie&Gwennie;'swedding, June 17,1941 and Marcia were born over here. Right at home, right at home. No doctor, mid? wife... or whatever. The time Carl was born--he was born on Labour Day. And Lau? chie was home for the weekend. (Lauchie often worked construction away.) So we were all over the place. We were at North River, Baddeck. and--you know, all over the place. We were down at the "Holys'." And of course, Dolly "Holy" was home at the time. She was a nurse in the States. So anyway, we went home. And Lauchie said to me, "Well, you'd better get my supper ready. The boys that are with me will want to go back early to get settled for the night." So. in those days of course, it was all wood and all. And our stove was, like, there. I said to Lauchie, "Well, be? fore you go, I think you'd better clean the pipes upstairs before I light the fire. Because when the baby is born, I'll have to have fire on most of the time." So we cleaned the pipes, we put them back together. And I said, "Look. You're not getting back to Sydney in a hurry." "Why?" I said, "The baby is going to come." I 1' = JJ. BARRINGTON LTD. WHEEL AUONMENT & AUTO BODY LTD. • • ingiM 137 Kings Rd. SYDNEY, NS B1S2Z5 (AT THE TRACKS) r' Collision Repairs & Painting m Frame straightening [Tl Computer Wheel Balancing & Alignment 0] We stocit Brakes & Shocks for most cars 0] We now carry a Full Line of Tires FREE E/TIAAATE/ 564-8150 FAX 539-4501 XMAS PARTY SUBS & PARTY PLATTERS -' • "t3??''te''i',;'' 403 Charlotte St., Sydney CALL 539-7827 (SUBS) 1102 King's Rd., Sydney River CALL 567-1499 iSUBuinv'
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