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Page 67 - Gwennie Pottie of West Tarbot

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/8/1 (131 reads)

wood in the oven to dry for the morn? ing, and you'd ) stick those sticks of wood in your bed at night to warm it up before you'd get into it. it would be that cold! I'd sooner the way it was those days. Because, for one reason, today, you haven't got neighbours. And regardless Gwennie holds a silk crazy quilt made and of how much signed by Mary Smith, dated 1893, with the work you had !"s<'"Ptio". "Time tries all." to do, there was always time to go to vis? it. Today, people have cars. And still there's no time to go to visit. You have all electrical appliances to do your work --but still there's no time to go to vis? it. You'll ask somebody, "Oh. why don't you come to visit?" "I haven't got time." In those days, if you didn't see your neighbour today, you'd be over there first thing in the morning when you got your chores done, to find out if they were sick or, you know. It's so different. Then they'd gather at night to visit, and they'd tell stories, and--making lunch. Everybody would have their cup of tea and their big lunch, and go home. (Were you ever a storyteller?) No, not really. Oh no, the older people would be the ones that would have the stories. Kids were seen and not heard, those days. You weren't allowed to--no, no. What I'm sorry for today is that I didn't listen more than I did. Because they had a lot of in? teresting stories in those days. Telling what they did, and how they'd done. I re? member when we first got the first,radio. It was all battery radios in those days. And they'd come--if there was going to be a fight on on Saturday night, like Schmelling or Max Baer and all them-- there'd be about 22 people in the house. • NOW AVAILABLE • Bho Thir Nan Craobh (From the Land of the Trees) Mary Jane Lamond SINGS Gaelic Songs from Canada on Cassette and CD. from B&R; HERITAGE ENTERPRISES (902) 725-2013 listening to the fight. Or when Dr. Murray would be on Sunday night, crowd would gather to listen to him preaching. And I think we were about the first ones with a radio, over in West Tarbot. Because Dolly "Holy" sent home a radio or gave a radio to Aunt Mary that she could have to listen to. When the telephone first came to the house, that was a luxury. And of course the telephone those days, everybody and his dog would listen in. You'd hear their rooster crow! Oh, it was comical. I'm telling you. mypuTER ARE THEl FUTURl Oomputers are the future, and the When you graduate with your future is here, at CompuCollege. We'll up-to-date knowledge, you could be give you practical, hands-on career on your way to a wide variety of training on the latest computer systems, dynamic careers! The future is yours. 562-6110 ACCEPTING APPLICATrONS NOW FOR JUNE ENROLMENT! s CoMpuCollEqE i ??:
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