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> Issue 67 > Page 72 - Duncan "Korea" MacRae, Missionary from Baddeck

Page 72 - Duncan "Korea" MacRae, Missionary from Baddeck

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/8/1 (216 reads)

HH The Grindstone Farm, Baddeck River, Cape Breton, built circa 1856 by Donald (Ban) MacRae. Right, the late Lame Donald MacRae's family: back row, I. to r., Donald (Dan), Duncan, Sandy; front, Hannah, Sadie, Mrs. Donald MacRae (mother), and Bella. deterred from his original purpose, for he continued to press his suit. "Not a day goes by but what I think of you and my thoughts wander back to many a happy, blessed time we had together. Have we not been the better being with one another. I think I know you and you know me." Finally Duncan made the plunge, with his usual forthright approach. Domestic problems plagued him: I am in need of a woman to look after them, do you know where I could get one, if so please have her come without delay, I cannot wait a year from next July, if she comes now I will forward her money for a ticket Tell her to get a bicicle at once and leam to ride, get one for her of the very best, but be sure and buy a 96 or 97 wheel as they are much cheaper than an 1899 make and just as good. Also get her to leam to ride on horse back, for the only mode of travell is on foot, wheel, chair, or horseback. Tell her she must leam to squatt on the floor, make all her own clothes, cut her husbands hair, mend his socks, make bread, take shoes, boots, rabber boots, mbbers [with you]. You can get nothing SwOhcndwcne rSObamS'trcazlS'SObajxbNaie Sj hccidwcD?' I The store houses the former , Rainbow Carpet Sales business, lit includes all the old staff, and still mm provides the first quality carpets, t]m flooring & service that made it so well known for the last 20 years. For all carpet and flooring needs, see Rainbow's friendly staff. Whether you're a do-it-yourself type or a professional, Rainbow PRO Hardware has just what you're looking for. The PRO net? work includes hundreds of stores across Canada and over 30,000 items to choose from. Complete line of paint & accessories, electrical, plumbing, tools, nuts & bolts, lighting, housewares, and seasonal supplies. For all your drapery needs visit the beautiful Drap? ery Loft. Located above the main floor in a private and comfortable atmosphere where all your decorat? ing ideas can ''''' become a reality. See our '''''''''' ''' '''' of roller shades. ''''''''/'''L '' y''' '' have goose- '' '''''' '' down duvets. Ask about the' 'tthT'' m'ew "feather-bed.' ?? MDRAPEinfljOFrM ?? IVIon-Tues'at: 8 am - 5 pm Wed-Thur-Fri: 8 am - 8 pm 721 Alexandra Street Sydney, N.S. 564-5818 'oPMpnDqQM'j'qnf''' out here in Won San - even a half sole put on your boots. This letter means business and it calls for a definite reply, no perhaps, or hope to, or maybe, or anything else but what is definite. ...A straight definite answer. She must not come without the whole hearted consent of both the parents. I don't know that I shall have enough to support her very comfortably but she shall have what the dear Lord provides, and He who hears the raven's cry wUl surely feed the labour? ers in His vineyard. I shall expect an answer about the first of June. A good wife is from the Lord and I want one from him, if he is to honour me with one. I have prayed over the matter and this is my message to you.... Although he did not expect an answer to his letter before June, Duncan continued to write to his beloved. If Edith was likely to join him in Kor? ea he felt compelled to give her some conception of the nature of the climate and the country. Already the Canadian mis? sionaries had become aware of the response shown to their spiritual efforts. Duncan wrote: "Please thank God for the blessings he is pouring out on us. God is moving the peo? ple toward the cross...." He enlarged on the theme by re-
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