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> Issue 67 > Page 75 - Duncan "Korea" MacRae, Missionary from Baddeck

Page 75 - Duncan "Korea" MacRae, Missionary from Baddeck

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/8/1 (150 reads)

saw a number in the pine groves worshipping the devil. On a hill side a sorceress was beating her drum; as we drew near she started for home but owing to her badly sprained ankle I overtook her, she was a fine looking maid. From the Sea shore to Ham Hung, Mts, hills, valleys & streams on every side. However there is one great sttetch of plain of fine cultivated land running North & South, with a river in the centre.... About 4 P.M. we entered the city.... Part of the city was lately destroyed by fire & over the ruins wild barbarous looking straw camps are pitched. The scene would make a cold chUl run down your back as the natives gathered round. I attracted the attention that Bamums white elephant would through the town of Bad[dec]k. We landed safely at the house of Mr. Sin, pro? nounced Shin... he was glad to see us. Soon he had 3 tables of cooksu spread before us. Cooksu is one of their very delicate dishes Its contents is better left untold. However, 1 must say the food does not smell too bad. I had Salmon on one dish today.... With great difficulty, I restrain my pen from dip? ping in the ink of love.... To keep his emotions in check Duncan put down his pen. To relieve his legs, cramped MacRae family picture in Hamheung in 1913. Back row, I. to r.: Cook, Kim, Sun-hak, Dun- from sitting cross-legged, Duncan, joined by *''"'s secretary. Front row: Pak, Tabitiia; Chenju (Pearl), Daddy Duncan (Mah Moksa), Hay- his friends, climbed Pahlyong San (Dragon '3*'" ("?'?"' author of A Tiger on Dragon Mountain), Mother Edith. Yumo (wet nurse), hold- Mountain). '"9 Allister. Kneeling at front: Pyun, Yang-sil (Sarah), Chang Nudia (Lydia). ...I tell you it is a sight to get up there & view the '''""''' educated by Duncan In the school founded by Edith. According to Helen, the gov- country round from the walls and old watch ??rnment had girls'schools which trained and educated only prostitutes. They did not edu- 'j'gj' cate the ordinary child. Sarah (next to Helen) visited Cape Breton with Edith. She per? formed sorceress dances in Baddeck at the old Masonic Hall. She went back to Korea and To the North of the city mts rise and at die foot of married a minister. Helen saw her last in 1972. them you can see nothing but green mounds which mark the resting place of those who passed into eternity dur? ing the night of heathen darkness. Let that soul of thine gaze upon this heathen city with all its precious souls, see them before the bar of God without Christ.... What would Jesus do if he stood on this hill where I stood the other evening? He was a lone westerner in a hostile city. Nevertheless, Duncan roamed the streets and nearby hills with little concern except to conduct his mission task • to become familiar with the coun? try and its people. Each new day brought new experiences: ... out for a walk. Called on a believers house. Crowds gathered. After listening for some time to discussions, I tumed to the leader of the opposing party & said I do not know very much Korean; but this I know that Jesus died upon the cross for Korean sinners, and that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth on him shall not perish but have everlasting life.... This is a synopsis, and I think in it the gospel.... I have not broken the back pf this language but may the Lord has? ten that day. As I was coming home one man called out and said Uicrc is God, anodicr say look at Jesus May the Lord speedily open their eyes to see that Christ is now passing through their streets, that he is waiting at their door to save them. May they be constrained to open as he knocks. I went out by myself yesterday. Soon a crowd gathered, some said he is an Englishman others said he is fi-om the Jesus house. I never let on that I un? derstood a word as they examined me. As I was returning home a stone struck me on die back.... Tuming around I walked up to the crowd & asked who was looking for trouble in strong Korean. It fell like a thunder cloud on them as they thought I did not know Korean, silence reigned and I went home in peace.... One hears and sees lots of strange things. It would be a task for a foreign lady to go through the streets here. I/'USICSTOP' OPERATED BY: CAMERON MUSIC SALES ' 307 GRANVILLE ST. PORT HAWKESBURY, N.S. BOE 2V0 GUITARS, VIOLINS MUSIC BOOKS, DRUMS f SOUND EQUIPMENT & BAGPIPE SUPPLIES f JOHN DONALD CAMERON • INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS • ' 'm irrtnti Cape Breton Island You're always welcome to come and enjoy the warm hospiralit>' of Cape Breton Bed and Breakfasts - an island experience that goes hand in hand with our unique and splendid scenery'. If you appreciate the personal touch and all the comforts of a home, then check into a Cape Breton B&B; on your island vacation. 1-800-565-9464 for information
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