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Page 79 - Advert: Cape Breton's Magazine

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/8/1 (140 reads)

MAKE IT A CAPE BRETON CHRISTMAS! FROM Breton Books & Music CREDIT CARD ORDERS PHONE TOLL-FREE 1-800-565-5140 Helen Creighton A Folk Tale Journey THROUGH THE MARITIMES 'mN''Mit'. NEVER BEFORE IN ONE BOOK, most never published, 67 tales collected along a revered folk collector's life route. A lovely, lasting production. 260 pages • photographs $19.95 SILENT OBSERVER written & iUustrated by Christy MacKinnon THE FINEST CAPE BRETON CHILDREN'S BOOK ever of? fered • good art and good storytell? ing, for adults and children alike. FULL COLOUR • HARDCOVER 48 pages • 39 illustrations $17.95 Winner:' Dartmouth Book Award I A MISCHIEVOUS BLEND of Scottish and Acadian, Beatrice's sto? nes are readable and ac? cessible. You read them • and then they blossom, or explode softly, in your life. 76 pages • $7.95 THE REMARKA? BLE JOURNEY of the Rev. Norman McLeod and his people from Scot? land to C'je Breton to New Zealand • a tale of hardship & triumph. Maps. 192 pages • 28 photos • $12.95 And, from Silver Donald Cameron' a Fine New Book .,. and 2 Videos! Sterling Silver by Silver Donald Quneron r .' SEE THE SELECTION ONPAGES13T016 $16.95 Advance Orders! Copies of Sterling Silver will be shipped by the end of October • Cape Breton Bras d'Or Lakes • A Sailing Tour with Silver Donald Cameron VIDEO • $24.95 CRIMSON FLOWER Echoes of war in a small Cape Bre? ton community • 'interviews with the soldiers, sailors, and airmen from Isle Madame who fought in both World Wars and Korea. VIDEO • $24.95 ( Cape Breton's MAGAZINE NOVA SCOTIA Edited & Published by Ronald Caplan wKh the help of Bonnie Thompson Belle Maclntyre ?? Paul Cranford AUGUST 1994 4-ISSUE SUBSCRIPTION in Canada I outside Canada U. S. CURRENCY Send cheque, money order, or credit card # and signature to: CAPE BRETON'S MAGAZINE (Breton Books & IVIusic) Wreck Cove, Nova Scotia BOC IHO CREDIT CARD ORDERS ONLY: Phone 1-800-565-5140 JOYOUS CAPE BRETON MUSIC! ON COMPACT DISC & CASSETTE TAPE JOHNNY WILMOT'S "Another Side of Cape Breton" • 'great traditional fiddle music from the Northside. WINSTON "SCOTTY" HTZGERALD'S "Classic Cuts" • 22 medleys (49 tunes) from the man who set the standard for the fiddle in Cape Breton. • digitally remastered • CASSETTE: $11.95 • CD.: $19.95 $17.00 I $22.00 (or $25.00 Can. Currency) ORDER FORM BOOKS PRICE QTY. Sterling Silver $16.95 (ADVANCE ORDERS) Silent Observer $17.95 Helen Creighton's Folk Tale Journey through the Maritimes . $19.95 Watchman Against the World ... $12.95 The Moonlight Skater $ 7.95 Archie Neil $14.95 MUSIC & VIDEOS Johnny Wilmot: Another Side of Cape Breton Compact Disc $19.95 Cassette Tape $11.95 Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald: Classic Cuts Compact Disc $19.95 Cassette Tape $11.95 Silver Donald Cameron's Bras d'Or Video $24.95 Crimson Flower of Battle Video.. $24.95 (ADVANCE ORDERS) SUBSCRIPTIONS to Cape Breton's MAGAZINE 4 issues inside Canada $17.00 _ 4 issues outside Canada U. S. Currency $22.00 - or Can. Currency .. . $25.00 _ TOTAL: PLEASE ADD 7% G.S.T.. NOVA SCOTIA RESIDENTS: Please add 11% P.S.T. on Tapes, CDs, and Videos... SUB-TOTAL: SHIPPING IN CANADA: Please add $3.50 for the first 2 items, tlien add $1.00 for eacli additional item. OUTSIDE CANADA: Add $3.50 for each item TOTAL:
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