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Page 83 - Linda MacLellan Visits Archie Neil

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/8/1 (133 reads)

and she was staying with a Mrs, Gillis in Judique, Two or three times she had told Mrs, Gillis of things that she saw or heard, and Mrs, Gillis didn't pay too much attention because she thought that this wasn't just (proper). But they were having tea on a Saturday afternoon in Judique-- Mary Belle was, of course, from Margaree Forks, They lived right directly across from the school at Margaree Forks, So she was with her Boarding Mrs, up in Judique on this Saturday afternoon. And quite often in the country when a lady would go and get a new dress or something like that, she'd like to show it to the neighbours. While they were having tea an? other lady came in and she had been up to Hawkesbury, and she came back and she had bought a new dress. And she brought the dress over for Mrs. Gillis and Mary Belle Cameron to see the nice, new dress that she was carrying with her. Mrs. Gillis, of course, praised the dress and all that but Mary Belle didn't say too much. And after the lady left and took her dress back home, Mrs. Gillis turned to Mary Belle and she said, "You didn't appear to praise the dress very much, Mary Belle," she said. "Didn't you like it? I thought it was very nice." Mary Belle said, "I liked the dress very much, but what struck me," she said, "is the fact that that will be the dress that she will be wearing in her casket." Now this may sound a little freaky, but it's the truth. So Mrs. Gillis didn't pay too much attention, but three weeks from that day this lady who had bought the dress was doing her housework and she dropped dead from a massive heart attack. And before they could get her to the hospital she had passed out at home. So they, as they call it, waked her in her own home. Mrs. Gillis and Mary Belle went to the wake and Mrs. Gillis said she almost dropped when she went in and looked in the casket at the re- Richmond County's Route 4 "I took the road less travelled by ...and that has made all the difference.*' -Robert Frost mains and there was the lady with the dress on just as Mary Belle Cameron told her she would have on! That "that would be the dress she would be wearing in her casket." (Then Archie Neil told Linda the story that Fr. John Angus Rankin had told, of his own father coming back from the dead, wanting John Angus to pay a very specific bill at the store, before he could rest. That story is published in Cape Breton's Magazine, Issue 45 and also in the Cape Breton Book of the Night. Then Archie Neil told her of a personal experience, about the night his father returned from the dead to save him from being frozen where he had fallen on a stormy winter's night. Archie Neil 's telling of that experience was first published in Issue 42 and later in the book, Archie Neil by Mary Anne Du- charme. Af? ter that. Archie Neil said to Linda:) Now, I often tell (that) story when I'm talking to Elderhos- tel groups. And I ask them, would GOUP _' '_ 18-HofePBkIte Pimdee M Course Dundee. located in West Bay. Cape Breton Is? land, offers guests a variety of recreation and relaxa? tion. Visit our Dining Room and enjoy wonderful cuisine or drop by our lounge and experience Cape Breton hospitality at its finest. Dundee has something for everyone. From our 18 hole professional golf course to our full service marina to spectacular scenery, Dundee is the perfect lafjeside resort. Dundee is a yachtman's paradise, a golfer's dream, a vacationer's delight and everything else you V70uld expect from a worid class resort. Whateveryour pleasure. Dundee guarantees satisfaction. R.R. # 2. West Bay, Nova Scotia BOE 3Ko Tel. (902) 345-2649; Fax (902) 345-2697 Odyssey Cape Breton Toll Free 1-800-565-1774 OPEN ALL YEAR! Acadian Cuisine in a traditional setting Newly Renovated. Luxury accommodations in a 19th Century period setting. At Arichat on Isle Madame Call: (902) 226-2200 The convenience of modem accommodations in the charm of an historic village at St. Peter's 20 Motel Units Licensed Dining Lounge • Cable T.V. BEACHES FISHING • GOLFING HISTORIC SITES INN ON THE CANAL Come visit us at tlie Inn where the only thing we overlook is the beautiful Bras d'Or Lakes! Box 9, St. Peter's, N. S. BOE 3B0 • 1-800-535-2200 Xmas & Crafts ''SHoppe' // f Monday - Wednesday, & Saturday: 10 AM - 4 PM l' Thursday & Friday: 10 AM - 9 PM ?? Sunday: 1 PM - 7 PM 9711 GRENVILLE ST. • #4 HIGHWAY • ST. PETERS Phone 535-2248 • open yearly from May 24 to December 24 A wonderful place to live, work, visit, & invest!
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