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Page 88 - Linda MacLellan Visits Archie Neil

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/8/1 (145 reads)

definition of a forerunner is perfect. It's a warning ahead of time that something is to take place. But there's a variety of forerunners. I would say that there are varied forerunners. For instance, there is a forerunner of a person seeing.... Here's a typical example of--what I mean, something that cannot be prevented--of a lady who lived up at Blackstone. She would hear a truckwagon. She'd hear the sound of a truckwagon coming to the house at night. And she would hear somebody as if they were un? loading boards. She would get up--not every night, but several times she heard this. And in the meantime she never realized, she couldn't puzzle out what was happening. Sud- OPEN9to9 16 Flavours of Ice Cream! Fresh Fruit Sundaes 8& #'' CODNTBY MARKET 7 DAYS A WEEK Fresh Baked Goods Craft Ideas Fresh Cape Breton Vegetables WHYCOCOMAGH • 756-9042 ON THE TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY, ROUTE 105 We swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Our Sen/ice Bay Diagnostic System always tells the truth. SBDS hooks right up to your vehicle so that you and your mechanic both know exactly what's wrong. Quickly and accurately. SBDS also provides a detailed print-out of the problem. So all you find on your bill is the truth. denly her husband died--whether it was a heart attack or something like that. Now, in those days, there was no such thing as a funeral home in Inverness. There might have been but nobody made use of it. Everybody was, as we call it, waked in their own house. Or, if their house wasn't fit, probably a neighbour took the body in. Now, what happened was when her husband died the caskets were all homemade and it was a labour of love by the neigh? bours. They'd get a good carpenter and they would supply the lumber and so on. Now, what happened was that this person died in the evening and when the word got out it was kind of late at night. And one of her neighbours who had a lot of new boards at home decided that he would take the boards right to the house and drop them off and in the morning they would make the casket. They'd have to measure the remains and so on. Now all the time she had heard that truck? wagon coming. When her husband died, through the night she heard the truckwagon coming and she heard the exact same sounds coming from the truckwagon when they were dropping off the boards that she had heard several times previously. Now, that would be an un- preventable forerunner. You can't prevent death, or circumvent it in any way when your time comes. But the truth doesn't have to hurt. WE SERVICE 1 ANY FORD 1 OR MERCURY 1 CAR OR TRUCK. 1 AND WE DO IT 1 FASTER THAN 1 ANYONE! 1 WE MADE THIS $40,000.00 INVESTMENT SO THAT WE CAN FIX IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. 1 WE HAVE A FLEET OF 12 LOAN VEHICLES THAT YOU CAN RESERVE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. PLAZA LINCOLN MERCURY SALES LTD. 1 33 TERMINAL ROAD SYDNEY, NOVA SCOTIA 567-1616 1 Now, that's one type of forerunner. Another type is one that I will tell you about that happened at the foot of the hill at Belle G6te right at the end of the harbour bridge. Now, Arthur Munroe was run? ning a business at Margaree Harbour, and he and his wife went for a drive. They had a lovely horse-and- wagon, most people didn't have cars in those days. So he and his wife took a drive across Belle C6te. They turned the horse around and they were coming up about seven o'clock in the evening. And all of a sudden Arthur Munroe pulled the horse to one side and stopped. His wife began to berate him: "What was he stopping for?" And he said, "I'm letting the funeral go by." And she couldn't see
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