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Page 90 - Linda MacLellan Visits Archie Neil

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/8/1 (143 reads)

said, "You'll never know how much I was wishing to be here on Saturday night." And Mrs. Gillis looked at her and she said, "Mary Belle, it's only too well I know it." And Mary Belle says, "How?" And she told her, she said, "I know you were wish? ing to be here because you walked through the kitchen and upstairs." And Mary Belle's answer was to make the sign of the cross on herself and she said, "I'll never do that again. I never realized." She said, "I heard of that happening but I never realized it could happen to me." ticularly from 6 o'clock in the evening on? ward, would not permit you to throw a drop of water out of the house because the spir? its were there. You could say. Why would they throw water out of the house anjrway? Remember, everybody didn't have a sink or bathroom or anything and (when you) washed even your face you dumped the pan out and put it back for somebody else. And he said they were not allowed to throw that. And he was deadly serious about it, you didn't laugh with him or anything like that. Now this, as I'm telling you, was told to me by Mrs. Gillis. And I'll tell you where we were: we were having a session for "Ar? chie Neil's Gape Breton," that (CBC radio) program I had, and it was at Buddy Rankin's place, the Rankin family's place up in Ma? bou when she told me that. Now, there's an? other type of forerunner. It's a type of wishing that you were someplace and you would wish that you were--strongly enough. Welcome to Baddeck! SEAFLOWER F- GALLERY W ART & CARVINGS ' by Local Artists * ANTIQUES * COLLECTABLES ARTISTS'MATERIALS NOWINSTOCK! LUCAS Oils, Water Colours & Acrylics Pastels • Charcoal GESSO • Linseed Oil • Turpentine KAMAR Varnish Spray Knives • Sketch Pads • Canvas Phone us at 295-1991 or 295-2386 or drop in! CHEBUCTO ST • BADDECK ACROSS FROM TELEGRAPH HOUSE , You know. Father John Angus Ran? kin told me that if we could see on All Souls' Day, that our windows were crowded with the faces of spirits looking for prayers. And his father and moth? er on All Souls' Day would not permit you, par- Now, probably, to give you one of the-- it's not a forerunner--it's a French sto? ry. You can find it--have you got Father Anselme Chiasson's book The History of Cheticampl If you have, look in that for the story of Father Fiset and you'll find a ghost story there that will trim any? thing that I told you. See, when the Jer? sey people came here the French people were so abused that when the Jersey people came here the French figured that these Jersey people possessed magic. Every older Frenchman will tell you that. That the Acadian French of Cheticamp believed that the Jerseys used magic. Lubie Chiasson came here and told me on my program this story, and it's in Fa? ther Anselme's History of Cheticamp. The story was that they all had magic--but the particular wizard was a fellow by the name of On the Bras d'Or Lakes -' Blue Heron Gift Shop 11'' Books • Glassware • Figurines • Woodenware V' Crystal • Cassette Tapes • CD's f' Gifts for All Occasions -**' BADDECK, N. S. 295-3424 Frank fl & Jane W MacPhaiy] 295-2925 Ui bellI 'S> buoyI H RESTAURANT ?] Baddeck, N.S. 295-2581 TI Serving fine food to the vl finest people since 1980 SHORE ROAD ESSO BADDECK • 295-3005 UNIROYAL"" Tires • Rust Check BFCoodrich ??""""??' • • • ? Computerized 4-Wheel Alignment Exhaust and ,'***' ''' '''?' Credit Muffler Repair (jnESSOl Cards Accepted 7 AM to 8 PM 's' MON to SAT fgj''] Exit 8 Trans-Canada Hwy 105 • Baddeck PlnSiH DIXONS SATELLITE SYSTEAASl All Your SATELUTE & CELLULAR Needs! BADDECK ?? 295-3208 ?ii.i'Md??L.?.wj.-B.-id=i??]i,uiukM.nwinm veil plus Boards & Programming • Rent • Lease-to-Ownfrom$49.99/monthO.A.C. CELLUUR PHONES & CANTEL AiRTIME Catering Services i for Any i Function V Large or I Yellow Cello Cafe Pizza . baddeck!
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