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Page 2 - 10 Years! The Story of The Cape Breton Summertime Review

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/6/1 (534 reads)

Follies, Summertime Revue--Harry and Liz encouraged us to think that we had our own voice, and that playwrights are just people from some other town. So why can't there be playwrights from this town? So they encouraged us to find our own voice. So we began to write collective pieces at Xavier Junior College, and perform them. And we used to get incredible reaction from them. But more so, we got an incred? ible depth of feeling for the possibili? ties that were there. The fact that, sure, we can write. We can act. We can put shows together. So, we never lost that. So we came out of that gun, the school--we came out of there just firing on all eight cylinders. And there's a lot of us who came out through that program at that time who have never stopped, who are all still involved. It was very much a cooperative approach, is what they fostered. And as part of that approach--there was no star system. What was made abundantly clear--the best actor in the world, and go up on THE BEAR PAW GIFT & CRAFT SHOP Local Crafts to Tickle Your Fancy Photographs • Knitting • Crocheting Painting • Quilts • Weaving/Hooking Gifts to Test Your Resistance • Beautiful Souvenirs • Attractive Tartans • China and Glassware • Numbered Icono Celtic Prints PLUS OTHER ARTISTS And: • Celtic Jewellery • Tapes and CD's CENTRAL AVE. INVERNESS PHONE 258-2528 stage. But if the light guy doesn't turn on the lights, it's not going to help your per? formance. That without the words to say, it wasn't going to be much of a play. Without the props.... We learned that everybody's job is incredibly important. Bette MacDonald: Well, nobody TOURS OF: LOUISBOURG, CABOT TRAIL, MINERS MUSEUM AIR CONDITIONED UNITS 564-6200 L.mot,.ne service 24 K'NGS ROAD -P-''- THE it 564-4444 Max MacDonald would be doing any kind of plays around here, had it not been for the Boardmores moving here and taking an interest. I tru? ly believe it wouldn't have happened. At least not as well as it happened. 'Cause they're really into it, and they're so pa? tient. And they're so inspiring--both of them. I mean, I don't believe that there are very many women who can do what Liz Boardmore does. And that is, you know, take an obnoxious kid--and make them excited about Yeats. Liz could get through the toughest nut. In terms of making them appreciate the mate? rial and see how beautiful it is. And I think that's one of the most important things that happened .A'' ' RESTAURANT*1: 'Enjoy superb dining in a reta7(ingx [u?curioiis atmospftere SPECIALIZING IN CHINESE CUISINE Canadian Dishes also available FULLY LICENSED TAKE OUT & DELIVERY ORDERS Major Credit Cards Accepted 'king Ulestaurant 355 Charlotte Street Downtown Sydney Tel: 539-7775 Open daily] 1:00 ann ONE OF } CAPE BRETON'S FINEST i m I MIMIIIII
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