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Page 7 - 10 Years! The Story of The Cape Breton Summertime Review

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/6/1 (465 reads)

taped the first show in '77. And co- produced the first album. And I contributed a couple of songs to the '80-'81 show--they used a bit of "Every Mile" and "Hanging Around." Along the way I think I wrote a couple of not-quite-forgettable tunes. I remember Bryden MacDonald and Jo-Anne Rolls singing "How 'Bout Makin' Out" on the wall in Glace Bay. "Come On Home," which was a theme of the Nova Scotia Tourism. But it wasn't till '85, I was asked to be the music director. There hadn't been a show in four years. It was the last Rise and Follies. And that's the year we did "Rise Again" with Raylene (Rankin). In fact--Raylene wasn't going to do that song until the bitter end. In fact--I had only finished half of it by the time re? hearsals started. What ended up as the second verse--and I've tended to switch them now--is "When the light goes dark with the forces of creation, and the ocean cries"--that came kind of immediately. And it was a lot of work to get: "When the waves roll on over the waters and the ocean cries, we look to our sons and our daughters to explain our lives"--which is just kind of a variation or development. And at the last moment, or just before the show opened, I said, "Raylene should do this song." And it was quite amazing to really see the total effect. When you are sitting at a piano, either by yourself or even in rehearsal--it's a different form, a different animal, than the chemistry that's set up between a live audience and performers. There's this visceral re? sponse. Then a pattern emerges. It happens night after night. That people leap--it's not that people leap to their feet, but that it's quite moving to people. And be? ing presented with it full focus. In other words, lights and sound and ensemble and audience and interaction. specializing in Concrete Service ' * . . Member of the Residential Canadian Home Commercial Concrete Foundations Floors • Steps Lansing Small PRESIDENT / MANAGER Builders Association Tel. 567-1900 51 Glencaim Ave. Sydney, N.S. ?1 BIR1L5 5 Leon Dubinsky And I still am (surprised at the power of that song.) I sang it a week or two ago on "Morningside," And I was kind of running it the day before. And I started to feel the hairs go up on my arm. After ten years. I started to feel my eyes well up. And not because of the substantial connection be? tween my father and myself, but because it has that unity that we all, in our differ? ent fields, we all strive to get.... (You've been the musical director of the Gape Breton Summertime Revue for ten years.) For all of the Revues. (Does that mean final decision is yours?) No, it doesn't, really! Quite often we get into it seriously. We were discussing this last night, both in theory and practice, to Its a crime what an amateur will do to a perfectly simple print joh Get the pros touch M I T E D RO. Box 1021180 Tbmsend Street, Sydney, No NOmSCOTIA MA scorn VILUGE FAIR Fabulous Village Fair Vacation Values AS LOW AS Mn'sGOim Mna'scxiim TX'e've got more than 600 down- W home celebrations planned all across the province this year. It's eastern Canada's largest festival and you're invited! Our Value-vacation catalogue is filled with great getaways for every budget that put you in the heart of the action - from highland games and woodsman competitions to lobster dinners. So treat yourself to a break and come to a Village Fair. Celebrate our history, heritage, culture and cuisine. For your FREE Value-Vacation Catalogue, call 1-800-'6'-0000 (operator #671).
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