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> Issue 68 > Page 33 - From ANOTHER NIGHT: C.B. Stories, True & Short & Tall: 3 Acadians on Ice

Page 33 - From ANOTHER NIGHT: C.B. Stories, True & Short & Tall: 3 Acadians on Ice

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/6/1 (270 reads)

From ANOTHER NIGHT: 0. B. Stories, True & Short & Tall • A WONDERFUL NEW BOOK FROM BRETON BOOKS • Three Acadians on the Ice INTRODUCTION: Another Night s a new collection of stories from Cape Breton's Magazine. A companion to Cape Breton Book of the Night, An? other Night shows more of the range of Cape Breton storytelling, from the traditional tale to the recent event. So there are tales of giants but there is also Alex Gillis's story of getting his winter's wood off the mountain in about two minutes • on the Big Sleigh. There are stories as real as Trueman Clark's being washed over? board in mid-ocean and then washed back on board again with the next wave • 'the teapot still in his hands. Here is an event that happened to three sealers on the ice off Cheticamp. O Acad lanS on the ice two of the three Acadians who were caught out on the ice. Left, Placide V. Boudreau; right, Hyacinthe Chiasson and his wife. The third man was IHypolite LeFort. On January 27th, 1874, myself and Placide Boudreau left around six o'clock in the morning. We were go? ing seal hunting on the ice off the western point of Cheti? camp Island. Along the way, we met up with Hypolite Le? Fort who was also going hunting on the ice. He was very pleased to join up with us. We got on the ice around seven o'clock in the moming. In those days, we did as our ances? tors, we only carried a wooden stick and a rope for protection. We started to walk. The weather was good, the ice was solid, we walked without apprehension. We walked without stopping for about six miles towards the open sea. We took a break and had a bite to eat. The weather was holding up and we anticipated returning the same day to firm ground. Up until then, we'd had no success in spotting any seals. As we didn't have the habit of wearing any watch? es in our pockets, we guessed that it was about one o'clock in the aftemoon. We decided to backtrack towards home. As we walked, we noticed that the ice was starting to move. As the weather was favourable and the wind was always from the northwest, we were not worried. We walked a faster pace without stopping. We were quite surprised when we suddenly arrived at an opening in the ice, a stretch of water. It was a terrible moment as this was unexpected during such a cold season. The mist from the cold made the water look the same colour as that of the ice; therefore it was deceiving from a distance. The opening was so large, we couldn't judge the distance of water we had to face. VICT< Gifts & Crafts for All Occasions 243 CHARLOTTE STREET, SYDNEY (across from Standard Office Supplies) Victorian Prints & Cards • Shower & Wedding Gifts • Dried Flower Wreaths Crafts • Eucalyptus & Dried Flower Supplies • Battenburg l'ce 564-0208 • Unusual & Unique • Chaline Johnston Sajatovich WAYNE WEATHERBEE, DIRECTOR • Serving Our Community for Over 20 Years • Sydney Memorial Chapel Funeral Information Line • 567-2222 • The Sydney Memorial Chapel Funeral Information Line is a discreet, convenient way to obtain accurate and up-to-date information regarding funerals, including dates and times, as well as information regarding the deceased. The Funeral Information Line is a 24-hour service. 49 Welton Street, Sydney • 539-0500 A NON-DENOIUIINATIONAL FUNERAL CHAPEL
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