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> Issue 68 > Page 38 - From ANOTHER NIGHT: C.B. Stories, True & Short & Tall: 3 Acadians on Ice

Page 38 - From ANOTHER NIGHT: C.B. Stories, True & Short & Tall: 3 Acadians on Ice

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/6/1 (256 reads)

arrived at Cape St. Lawrence. Once there, we considered what an ordeal we'd been through. It was a close call be? cause if we had passed Cape St. Lawrence, there would have been no hope for rescue as the ice breaks up in pieces and there's no solid ground to stop it. Supplement by Paul V. Boudreau, brother of Placide Bou? dreau: When they finally had their feet on solid groimd, the first thing they did was take their wooden sticks and throw them out to sea with a promise never to retum to the ice. They slept luitil the next moming and Polite LeFort that had both feet frozen had to be taken by a guide on horse to Cap Rouge. Michel McKinnon came to Petit Etang with the news that they were safe and Eucisse Chiasson came to my fa? ther's home, Venant Boudreau, at eleven o'clock at night to inform my parents that they were safe. The whole family got up to pray as my father, Venant Boudreau, was the father of Placide Boudreau, one of the lost men. Father Giroir, the parish priest, who had always prayed to Saint Joseph during the ordeal, was told of their retum and when he received the news, he got up, lifted his arms to the sky while shouting: "Good Saint Joseph, you have listened and answered my prayers!" In 1973, Mme. Elizabeth Muise • Placide Boudreau's niece • gave us the manuscript for "3 Acadians on the Ice" in French; Ulysses LeLievre first told us about this remarkable tale. = = JJ. BARRINGTON ltd 'B'pne' 137 Kings Rd. SYDNEY, NS B1S2Z5 (AT THE TRACKS) WHEEL AUONMENT & AUTO BODY LTD. Ri Collision Repairs & Painting rn Frame straightening Pfl Computer Wheel Balancing & Alignment [' We stock Brakes & Shocks for most cars [T| We now carry a Full Line of Tires FREE E/TUWATE/ 564-8150 SALES ?? SERVICE ?? INSTALLATION J??"P WELLS e PUMPS "D. %//lf/at' - /ts jVata'ai' Better'' • Water WeUs: DriUed & Dug' • Pumps • Test Holes • Water Conditioners Serving Cape Breton S642I45 O U N T (Ucence No. 264) "Three Acadians on the Ice" appears in French and English In Another Night: Cape Breton Stories True & Short & Tall. The English version Is by Rosie Aucoin Grace of St. Joseph du Molne. To order Another Night, see page 61. To reach a wider audience, an easier-to-read type has been used in Another Night. This book has been selected to participate In the National Library of Canada's Large Print Program. MICROWAVES Don's TV & VCR Repair q Warranty Depot for RCA, GE, Sanyo MTC, Magnasonic, Samsung REPAIR TO MOST OTHER MAKES ' PHONE/FAX: 902-562-2366 • CONVERTERS ' LIMITED 110 Reeves St. SYDNEY, N. S. .' ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS p "Serving Cape Breton Over 35 Years" SPECIALIZING IN: • INDUSTRIAL • COMMERCIAL - INSTITUTIONAL - RESIDENTIAL WIRING CONTRACTORS • MAINTENANCE SERVICE ELECTRIC HEATING SYSTEMS • FREE ESTIMATES 562-1132 FAX 526-1699 TfCilixe JLtd. • Computerized Wheel Balancing ''''' • Complete Road Service IJSSL 539-5670 '''' 265 PRINCE ST. • SYDNEY gFGoodrich brunswick-
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