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Page 51 - A Visit with Clara Buffet, Glace Bay

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/6/1 (228 reads)

they had enough time. This was a nurse that was starting to teach. That was her re? sponsibility. And she was called the Assistant Superin? tendent . She started with a certain curricu? lum. Now, the province had a curriculum, that you were supposed to have so many hours of this and so many hours of that. But it was very minimum, very, very minimum. I don't know how (I) got into the teaching part of it. But I remember when we graduated. 1970-71 Canadian Red Cross Volunteer students, taught by Clara Buffett. Back row, left to right: Doris Carmichael, Frances MacDonald, Irene Budden, Margie Madden, Pearl I. MacKeigan, Eunice MacPhail. Middle: Evelyn Dillon, Muriel MacDonald, Mrs. Nettie Simon, Mrs. Mary A. Mullins, Julia Tomada, Cathe? rine Wilson, B. Medjuck, Cassie Brushett, Anna Quann. Front: Gladys Nicholson, Kay Harris, Eliz. Wil? ton, Martha Westwood, J. J. McMullen, Clara Buffett, Anne Coleman, Helen Marshall, Kay Oldford. I got an award for helping the other students. And I sort of enjoyed this. They used to come, "Clara, I don't understand that...." I liked the work so much, and studying about it, that I could help them, quite a little bit. But it wasn't an intentional thing. And at that time I could see it was coming, that every school was going to have to have a faculty.... And then the curriculum was going to change. You know what happened in medi? cine, as soon as penicillin came in. It revolutionized the treatment of so many diseases, such do for our pa tients' pneumonia was to put them up in a bed rest. And we didn't have the beds that rolled (up). We had to put sometimes 16 pil? lows in order to get them up straight. Turn as pneumonia. All we could them around and open the windows, that they were getting fresh air. Put linseed poultices on their chest--fronts and back --about every hour. These great, big, im? mense poultices. Some cough syrup. And force fluids. And hope and pray that on the ninth day their temperature would break.... But what any of this did, I don't know. You see, there was nothing scientific, ENJOY LIVE THEATRE- JULY 8 to AUGUST 1 1 '' St. Ann's Bay Players at the Masonic Hall, Baddeck FOR INFORMATION, PHONE 929-2426 "CONTINUING TO SERVE THE HEALTH CONSCIOUS" 'A'' 'MnSlN??CO. ' Herfflig< Chokj'r Deli BRUCE & LINDA MACRAi: invite you to drop in & have a cup of freshly brewed coffee & a delicious homebaked goodie • or indulge yourself with a tasty selection from our Deli. NOW FEATURING! Mouthwatering LOBSTER SANDWICH on our famous, freshly baked bre NYANZA (Trans-Canada Hwy. 105) 295-2275 NEW SUMMER HOURS: MONDAY-SATURDAY 8 AM - 8 PM • SUNDAY 10 AM - 8 PM inu'SUTis og'LOVT. - John D. Steele's Sons, Limited MONUMENT CENTRE & DISPLAY 32 William Street 794-2713 NORTH SYDNEY, N. S. (after hours: 794-4411 & 794-3171) • A CAPE BRETON INDUSTRY SINCE 1896 • SUPERIOR FENCING LTD.! Commercial Residential Industrial INSTALLATIONS and REPAIRS Chain Link Fencing Custom Decks 4 Wooden Fencing ' Retaining Walls FULLY GUARANTEED Locally Owned & Operated 539-2027 AFFORDABLE QUALITY WORKMANSHIP
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