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Page 76 - 10 Years! The Story of The Cape Breton Summertime Review

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/6/1 (172 reads)

Speaking for myself, I know I wanted to work. I wanted to do a show. Loved it. I wanted to get out there and put on another show. And I guess I didn't care too much exactly what it was. Where I think people like Kenzie cared more, exactly what it was, and had very definite ideas of exactly what it should be. You know? And to varying degrees, other people probably fell in be? tween there. I know Max and the guys wanted to work. But they also wanted definitely--I mean, Buddy and the Boys is a proof of (it)--they wanted to say something--not just anything. They weren't just playing any old thing, just to go out and get a job. (A message?) A message or whatever. COMPLETE LINE OF LUMBER & BUILDERS SUPPLIES VISIT OUR SHOWROOM asa HALFWAY RD. SYDNEY MINES DON-RAY LUMBER LTD. 736-9722 '',""'" FAX 736-9806 736-6201 OR 736-7334 Which I don't really pretend that I ever had. I wouldn't say I was insensitive to that, but--I liked the show. I liked the smell of the greasepaint, the roar of the crowd--a roomful of people laugh? ing and crying. I mean, and to be part of that, and to feel that you somehow had some contribu? tion to making "The Inn with the View" ti, 'Duck Cove Irux CANADA SELECT m On the Cabot Trail Margaree Harbour Nova Scotia BOE 2B0 Phone (902) 235-2658 1-800-565-9993 Fax (902) 235-2592 it happen. And just to be able to be there every night, for me--and gee, who would envisage you'd do it again?!... I mean, I don't want to paint myself as a cretin here. But for the most part, no, I didn't spend a lot of sleepless nights worrying about the meaning. I really wanted just to get out there and do it and fill it, you know. So it always was a combination of individuals, that kept the keel relatively even. So it didn't go, perhaps, too far one way. If it was probably left up to me, would have had elephants! Laughter. And jugglers, I don't know! So--that first year in doing the 1986 Cape Breton Summertime Revue, we had to decide: What is this organization? And we very quickly came to the decision to make it a non-profit. I think the main impetus for that was that that was the only way we could access certain funding. And I think we felt good about that too. Because we didn't want to say, "We own it." Or put a name on it.... We wanted to avoid any con? flict; that's why we chose another name. Almost went in another direction. Oh, let's just do "summer...." And, we set it up (as non-profit) and from that point .on--it got more and more away from any one person. It sounded good from a cooperative point of view too, in terms of we wouldn't have to decide, take owner? ship, or make one of us the boss. So. you know, by nature, it was a cooperative society. We started, the first year, without a pen? ny. And it really worked on--get your mon? ey if it comes. There was no up-front mon? ey. I think we did get some government, and as usual that always comes after the project. But no, we just went at it and waited for the first ticket sales. No up? front money at all. But I think, if not right after the first year, I think after the second year, we had surpluses.... What's it going to be make it about summer! other avoidance thing, know, let's not even p: unemployment or the st away or anything. Let' Warren Gordon CaDeBretDn Portfolio is a photographic overview of Cape Breton in all seasons • the people, and the places they love. $29.95 (plus taxes and shipping) PHOTOGRAPHER A new pictorial cookbook with photographs by Warren Gordon and recipes collected by Cordon Bleu ChefYvonne LeVert $22.95 (plus taxes and shipping) Gordon Photographic Ltd. 367 Charlotte Street Sydney, Nova Scotia BIP 1 El • (902) 564-5665 • Visit our GALLERY of Cape Breton Scenes FRAMED SCENES • BOOKS • POSTERS • about? Let's just I think it was an- Let's not even--you retend it's about eel plant or going s just make it about summer. And let's go out and have a good time, and we'll tour in the summer, and we'll have a fun show. And we did it. I mean, we went out, and the Cape Breton Summertime Revue was immediately successful. Now. Would it have been immediately successful if we
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